first time stealth grow

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    Noob Need A Couple Questions Answered on designing grow box

    I'v been reading through the forums for a couple months now, and iv finally decided to save my own money by growing my own weed! I'm very exited to get started!! I do not want to start out too big, and i really want to make this a learning experience! I will be using a small grow box that i am...
  2. K

    Abandoned Cabinet Grow CFL

    Im grow in a really small space with very limited money.this is my journey through this for the cheap home grower i home it works. My set up is basic. One regular house buld 90 watt for heat one 45 watt cfl in a refletive light hood. The seeds are radom this and thats just good smoke. Any tips...
  3. Q

    Abandoned First Indoor CFL Soil Grow Box

    Hey everybody been lurking around reading for a little while. Decided to get a grow going. medium - regular potting soil Strain - bagseed Indoor grow Just planted after germination in a 5or6inch pot lights - 2 × 13w micro mini cfls. Putting out 825 lumens a piece . Just literally planted an...
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