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  1. D

    First Time Grower

    Hey guys first timer here. I got my plant when she was about a week old she’s about 40 days i think I’m not sure if she where she needs to be I feed her every 4 days she is an outside plant let me know how she looks so far please
  2. A

    Rick Simpson Oil Help!

    Hi, I am planning to make cannabis oil this Friday following the Rick Simpson method. I have never made this before, have only been doing research. Reading threads and watching videos. As soon as I feel a little more confident, I read something else and the fear sets in again. I am determined...
  3. H

    First grow

    Hello everybody. This is my first grow we should have enough money for a good light so we planted them outside in some pots we used the Miracle Grow vegetable and Herb soil and espoma organic garden tone , it's 3-3-4. I was kind of scared to add the amount that it suggested which is a tablespoon...
  4. A

    Help with White Widow?

    hey guys name is az first timer here please if you got time to hear me out i know it might be a long paragraph but im just gonna try and explain my situation really fast here... alright well so far have burned through 10 fem purple k seeds from a quality seed bank (first mistake on my part...
  5. A

    Abandoned AlwyzDTF - Soil - 4x4 - MH HPS

    4x4x6'11" Gorilla Grow Tent Strain : Not sure yet. Looking for some old school genetics or something ultra stinky. Seeds or Clones : Seeds (Still looking for a good source). Indoor or Outdoor : Indoor growing in soil. Soil : FoxFarm Ocean Forest (all I could afford but definitely...
  6. Blazinjones

    Completed Blazinjones's Hydro - Ebb 'n Flow - Grow Journal - 2016

    First time doin hydro setup ebb n flow plants look droopy n hav brown spots im usn a 250w mh 24 hours on for the veg stage n water is on a timer 4 times a day for 4min ata time n im using general hydroponics floramicro n bloom for nutes jus added two days ago first n only time they got nutes so...
  7. newbiegrwer

    Completed First Timer Preparations - CFL - Attic Grow Room

    I built an attic room 9-1/2 ft x 7-1/2 ft x 7ft tall. I framed it like a house with insulation and vapor barrier then lined it with reflective coated foam board on all 4 walls and the cieling. Floor will be painted white. I built an adjustable lighting rail that includes 20 standard sockets for...
  8. S

    Figured I'd give this a try - Would like to know what people think

    What Strain is it? bag seed Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? looks indica How Many Plants? 3 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? veg If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? 3-4 weeks from seed If in Flowering Stage... How Long? Indoor or Outdoor? indoor...
  9. C

    Intro - First timer - Cabinet grow

    Hi everyone: I'm in Toronto and have been lurking for quite some time, and I'm glad to have found this site and be here amongst friends. I'm a 40 something family man who loves life to the fullest and enjoys new adventures. I found Pod casts, first ante up poker, then Freakonomics then...
  10. Z

    Question about my grow space

    I'm a first timer, I've already got all my supplies ordered as far as the grow room setup goes.. My question is in regards to the space in growing in. I'll definitely post a picture of the closet tomorrow when I go to my brothers (growing at his place). For now I'll just give you an idea of...
  11. katy63

    First Time With Edible. Forgot About Drug Test - Help

    I had half of a pot cupcake 8 days ago and I forgot about a pre-employment screening that I have on Tuesday (just my luck). I've never smoked or consumed edibles before, but I weigh about 210 lbs and my half was was apparently pretty strong. I've been chugging water and doing at home test with...
  12. N

    Abandoned Unknown Clones

    Think I've found the right place for my grow this time.I've done loads of reading up and have regularly visited 420,and now I have the chance to give my own grow a go.It is very difficult where I live to get hold of clones here where I live but at last I managed to get some.This is very much a...
  13. E

    Hello 420 Magazine Community

    I've been reading the forums here for a good little while as I'm getting back to a growing mindset. I've found so much useful information here, and the community seems very tight so I decided to register in anticipation of starting my first grow journal. I have started 5 Sensi Kush, and 3 THC...
  14. T

    Abandoned Homebrew Bubble Grow Journal - 32 Plants - 8 Strains

    :welcome: Hi Back at the start of this year, I decided to start a little project. I'll be cataloging both my room/tent setup as well as the grow itself both for the sake of posterity and more importantly to share as maybe it will be helpful for someone out there. My setup falls under...
  15. G

    First timer

    here my journey begins. im sent to clean out a forclosed house and they have EVERYTHING needed for growing. or so i thought. in all reality all i got from the place was a bad ass grow spot. ive got a big wooden box basically. 5.5 ft high. 2 feet deep. 4 feet wide. nice place. i did my research...
  16. I

    Abandoned 6 Headband Seedlings

    So i just finished with the germination of 6 headband seeds. A few (3) were very promising looking with the little roots developing very nicely, the other 3 look ok too i guess. i have put them in red solo cups( with fox farms OF) , since i don't have anything else. Watered them lightly with...
  17. M

    High everyone from ont eh

    Probably not the best way to start off on a new forum -with a completely pointless thread. But anywhosle, whats up fellow smokers lookin forward to trading some know-how. FROM CANADA EHHH :58:
  18. S

    Abandoned Oh my just another first time grower

    So its my first time growing (so what lol) I have only one flouresent t5, one clone(been veg'n for almost a week),one small fan that dont move, fox farm soil,foil for reflection, and tap water that i let sit out. I know i got some crappy stuff but I dont wanna spend money thats not really...
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