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  1. NeelDJ

    First Time Grow In India

    OK....so lets start This is for non profit and only for a small scale personal use. :Namaste: 1. Germination: i used the paper towel method and it was a great success. I used a heatpad to keep it warm. The arrangement is shown in the pictures below. ok...now how do i add image here...
  2. U

    First Time DIY - 2 Chamber Grow Box - Diamond Series LED - Soil - Autos For Now

    My first real grow, grew outside briefly before a sudden move rendered it useless, now building a grow box inside to try for real! Just looking for any advice, constructive criticism or general info regarding my plans. It’s going to be a 2 chamber box, LEDs up top and T5 under, however I am...
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