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  1. B

    Not sure if I’m doing this right

    Ok so I started off my grow with an unknown seed and I’m hoping for the best , the sex is also unknown ,I germinated in a paper towel and the tap root showed up after one night I let the tap root get about a half inch long before I planted it in potting soil “ this is all I had available” and...
  2. P

    Hello group new here and new grow!

    Hello I'm new here and I have a new grow going. LAST YEAR I PLANTED SOME SEEDS IN THE GROUND AND THEY GREW DIDNT GET ANYTHING FROM THEM AS THEY WERE UNDER A TREE SO THIS YEAR IM GROWING TRYING TO PUT A BIT MORE EFFORT they are 11 days old starting them inside 18hr light 6hr dark .afterwards...
  3. C

    First time grower learning as I go looking for advice and thoughts

    This is my first go at this. I've worked in industrial grow settings for the last year so I know a little bit but have never done anything on a personal level...I have two girls going right now Grand Daddy Purple (Roberta...his real name is Robert but when the wife leaves him alone he likes her...
  4. E

    Is this ready to harvest?

    So I have an Amnesia Haze Auto from CKS. It was stunted for about 2-3 weeks then it started it's normal grow again. (With some deformities) Most of the buds look ready to go but there are a few that look underdeveloped, mostly because there are to many white hairs on them. First few pics will be...
  5. NeelDJ

    First Time Grow In India

    OK....so lets start This is for non profit and only for a small scale personal use. :Namaste: 1. Germination: i used the paper towel method and it was a great success. I used a heatpad to keep it warm. The arrangement is shown in the pictures below. ok...now how do i add image here...
  6. U

    First Time DIY - 2 Chamber Grow Box - Diamond Series LED - Soil - Autos For Now

    My first real grow, grew outside briefly before a sudden move rendered it useless, now building a grow box inside to try for real! Just looking for any advice, constructive criticism or general info regarding my plans. It’s going to be a 2 chamber box, LEDs up top and T5 under, however I am...
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