fish tank

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    Help getting started - 1 Plant in 10 gallon fish tank - Bubbleponics

    Hey everyone! I've been a stoner for years but this is my first experience growing! I have a little space in my bathroom so I came up with the following: Shelf, fish tank on top, bubbleponic system above, and custom made frame with mylar. I am using a 20 gallon water pump and...
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    How many 23 watt cfls

    So the space im workining with is 3 feet tall 18in deep and about 10in wide Its a fish tank (: For light fixtures i have five total i can use and i wanna buy cheap 23 watt cfls , How many would i need , i know i need 56Kelvins but in your opinoin of a cfl grower how many would you use? I had...
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