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  1. C

    Clown420 - Small Grow - LEDs - Unknown Strain

    Clown420 Small Grow, LED's, Unknown strain Welcome to my grow journal, I have converted an old 220Lt fish tank to my grow space. I'll post all the photos up as i go. You'll fine some have writting on them i have done this to keep track. First of all this started as a CFL grow which i was not...
  2. WizHigh

    Fishtank Grow 2012 - 5 Unknown Strains

    Grow area - 55 gallon fishtank Bucket Size - 16fl oz foam cups Medium - 50% Scotts soil 50% Coco Coir. Lights - T5 4ft 4bulb 54w HO 6500K Nutrients - FloraNova Grow/Bloom, Kool Bloom, Super Thrive Strain(s) - UNKNOWN # of Plants: 5 Yield : N/A This is my first Journal but second grow...
  3. W

    Do i have enough? if not how much more

    i have a small fishtank as a temporary grow space, its about 2 feet wide by 1 feet long and 1.5 ft tall. i have 3 26 watt cfls on the "roof" of the tank with a fan pushing air in one of the top vents and another top vent having air come out. the walls are fully covered with white paper at the...
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