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  1. Why Doe

    What's the shortest strain?

    What's the shortest strain that you know of, low ryder? Currently growing blueberry and that girl is only 2 feet 3 weeks into flowering. I have room to fit a 3rd plant under the carbon filter if she's real short.
  2. Gauge Steel

    Grow area build for that sweet spot for new lights - Any thoughts?

    my plans are for 3X5 however i can go as long as 6 feet and as wide as 3.5 if there is some lighting pattern sweet spot. I haven't decided which lights to buy so this is kind of a why would you do? Gauge
  3. M

    DIY Ebb & Flow System!

    Hey what's up fellow growers! I'm building my own flood and drain system! Im using a concrete mixing tray thats 32in×22in! Im curious to know how many plants i could comfortably fit in there to scrog them out! Just trying to go with a method that i will yield most!
  4. steppedinds

    Looking for sturdy res containers

    i've been buying the larger plastic storage containers from lowes/walmart but they always bulge when more than halfway full and i cant close the lid, and thus algae. any1 got any good ideas? space is like 28"x14"x15" give or take. have to fit two of them in a tight space and be able to get...
  5. steppedinds

    Step's 3rd Journal - Ebb & Flow

    finishing up the new setup. just waiting on a few more pieces to come in from online orders. cant seem to find any platinum 60, or 40/90s in stock...using a homemade version for the moment. on my way to home depot now to pick up a few things to finish the recirculating system; need two...
  6. N

    Can I fit another light in this tent?

    New setup in progress, please excuse the mess! Barely finish setting it all up, getting the carbon filter installed soon. So I was wondering if I could fit another light in here with the Mars Hydro Reflector 144x5? If yes, what kind would you guys recommend? Thanks in advance! :Namaste...
  7. I

    New grower in urgent need of help

    Im a new grower trying to start tomorrow i will be picking up my soil tomorrow to start the process but im not sure on how many plants to fit in my tent under a 400watt hid cool tube with duct fan the tent is 2×2.5 by 5'7 feet could i fit 3 3gallon plants? And when would i be able to figure...