1. FiveToMidnight

    Completed Five's Round 3 Auto Attempt - 2 x AK49 & 1 x Super Skunk - Coco/Perlite - CFL/LED

    Hey everyone! Here is my third attempt at growing and this time I have chosen some delicious sounding Auto Flowering strains to see how I can do. Details: What strain is it? 2x Vision Seeds AK49 Auto Feminised + 1x Vision Seeds Super Skunk Auto Feminised Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?Both...
  2. FiveToMidnight

    RO Filter Help

    Hi guys, After some searching I have found quite a few posts on the topic of RO Filters but in my quest to find a decent one I have noticed there appears to be different types of RO filters. Some say they are adequate for drinking water, others say they are adequate for aquarium/marine uses...
  3. FiveToMidnight

    Completed FiveToMidnight's First Grow - Coco/Perlite - NL - MarsHydro 300W LED - 2015

    Hi guys, I have built myself a 1200mmX900mmX450mm box to house my girls and fitted it with a 4" Carbon Filter with ducting through a 4" inline duct fan and a MarsHydro 300W LED light. I will be growing 3 X Northern Lights Feminised which are germinating at this present moment using the...
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