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  1. F

    Water is at 6.5 but the drainage water is at 6 - More problems

    Hi like the titled mentionned it, when I water my plants I use 6.5 ph water. however I tested the drainage water and it was at 6. What is going on? A salt residue? Also, and im pretty sure of this, there are a few brown spots that are appearing on some of the leaves. Could this be a bad ph...
  2. Aivix

    Need help with LED

    Hello, I got an issue with MY china LED grow lights, its full spectrum 1000w LED. I got two of them for my 6 girls. And today one went on some failure. so now my wee girls are just on one LED, already order a new one, but I know it's not a big thing to fix this one, just need more info from...
  3. Jorgie Nuggz

    Break at the node

    Hi folks, well this morning I was checking my plants and notice that my Plant #4 The Runt was drooped out at the top node where I had topped it. Both branches are broke at the node, I did a quick google search but all I could find was how to fix the stem there was nothing about a break at the...
  4. T

    Help please

    What have I done wrong? And how do I fix it?
  5. F

    Please help me - First grow

    hello guys.. my first grow got rekt by great amount of heat and overfeeding. :( this is me trying to fix it and realize if there's anything else to be done to the plants. after losing a lot of leaves from heat and overfeeding i got an a/c to fix the heat and flushed the plants .. still...
  6. C

    God bless what is this? My first grow

    High Friends, what is this spots? i don' t find fix the problem
  7. H

    Help me figure out what's wrong and fix it

    Please help.....Hi I'm heaven these are my babies they are clearly not doing well suddenly they are 5 weeks old outdoor In pots mg potting soil I had to go out of town for a week got a call something was eating them 50/50 dawn spray it stopped and I get back to curling thick new growth and...
  8. C

    Autoflowers brown leaf problem - Urgent

    hi dear friends. i have a big problem on my plant. how can i fix the problem in the picture?
  9. AKgramma

    Correcting typo in new Journal

    I just started my first journal but now I'm stuck with a typo in the title. Is there any way to fix this before I start linking it to my siggy? AKGramma's Perpetual Grow
  10. Serpent

    Think I'm having a meltdown!

    Hi there need a little help i was on here about a week a my inline fan fell on my one plant snapping the main stock a member gave me a sweet tip to fix it but the main question now the plant has a bad problem is it from the main stock having split im growing NL I'm on the 8 week now and i just...
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