1. xthursdayx

    Why does my cured bud taste crappy?

    Hi all, about three months ago I finished up a grow of some Mephisto Genetics Sour Stomper autoflower plants. The buds are covered in trichomes and smell fantastic, but when smoked they taste basically like schwag/low grade "dirt" weed. Any idea why this might be or what I should change? For...
  2. IcyStacks

    Amherst Sour Diesel

    Strain Name - Amherst Sour Diesel From - Humboldt Seed Organization - Grown in Coco Coir Type - Sativa Dominant Hybrid Appearance - Light green buds, almost white in appearance. Covered with reddish brown pistils. Flavor: Chem, Pine, citrus funk. Very authentic Sour D flavor that...
  3. dynamo1

    G'Day from Mt Rainier

    Hi everyone, Old arthritic grower, new to :420:, looking to absorb all the info I'm able. Started a couple of months ago reading COorganics how to on organic grow, I'm wanting more flavor in my buds. After that I was mesmerized by SweetSue's Threads and DDA Auto grow. I plopped 2 seeds in soil 2...
  4. Man'O'Green

    Tincture that best preserves the flavor of the buds

    I love chewing on a well cured piece of bud - so many wonderful flavors! The sticky stuff off my trimming shears is a little taste of heaven. I want to make a Vegetable Glycerin Tincture that will preserve as much of those flavors as possible as well as activate the THC/CBD and other...
  5. Katelyn Baker

    Why Colorado Tokers Love Bubbleberry

    Well, that was an interesting start to November. While the country argued with itself and my Facebook feed became full of hot takes, misinformation and vitriol (don't blame the media when you're so good at getting it wrong all by yourself), I was ready to roast a bone and wait for it all to blow...
  6. A

    Do any flavored wraps actually change the flavor?

    And what changes the flavor the most? I've tried a few different ones, including Juicy Jay's watermelon cone paper and so far they all taste no different than plain paper.
  7. mangosnapper

    Finished flavor

    has anyone ever had their finished stash, that kinda smells like ' hay ' ? everything is fine, no worries... but the smell of hay???:thanks: :Namaste:
  8. Onkruid

    Am I missing something?

    Hints of melts with honeydew peppermint cocoa whimsically pursued by a passing breath of pine tar rhapsodized with overly sweet perfume-like overtones persuaded by ever-so-gently nudged underpinnings of tantalizingly fresh boysenberries in fresh sherbet. I get it and love it. The plants...
  9. R


    I would like members to let us know their tips to get the best taste from their crop. Which flushing solution do you use? Do you flavor just before you cut? Basically if you have any knowledge to improve the flavor of your crop, please don't keep it a secret and share the knowledge. Red.
  10. cannilingus

    Which Jack Herer Do I Have?

    I traded a cut of a late freinds jack, for a cut of my godbud, several years ago. i got them back, from another freind, recently, as i had took a break from them, to try others. anyway. the jack i have is fairly dark leafed. semi long, and not too wide. it grows to about 35", at maturity, not...
  11. J

    Strawberry Amnesia/Moby Dick/Critical+ Auto/Haze XXL Auto/Haze 2.0 Auto Dinafem

    this night I prepared the smoke report! between plants auto my queen remains the haze 2.0 auto, intense flavor , is beginning to haze, after more incensed, spicy, fruity. it tastes really special with many shades! anything less than the regular! and the thing that strikes me is that...
  12. S

    adding flavor to my bud

    Hello, Just here to share a little something I'm trying. the plant is a week or so away from harvest time, 2 weeks ago i chopped down the lower pop corn stems that were looking pretty sad. I dried them out tried it, they turned out just awesome. Anyways I am now curing that and I've added 2...
  13. GreenH0rn

    Adding flavors to buds and drying them

    Hello everyone I was thinking about my product and how to improve the quality of the product because my plant is going to finish in two to three weeks (soil grown, Lowryder#2). So I have a question, How do I improve the taste of my product, like giving it a fruity taste like orange flavor? And...
  14. S

    Outdoor Grows: Companion Planting

    I have not yet seen a post that discusses the possibility of adding companion plants to a Cannabis grow. Does anyone have experience with incorporating companion plants among Cannabis? Are there some plants that will mitigate insect issues? Are there some plants that may improve soil...
  15. C

    Need answers

    is there a way for me to to change the color or flavor of my buds
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