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    Advanced Nutes Flawless Finish

    Hi folks, I'm just thinking ahead but if using advance nutes flawless finish to flush my plants do I have to ph the water or does it do it for me? I'm trying to look online and can't find any mention of it. Its 7.0 where I am, which is a bit high for growing in coco. Any advice appreciated and...
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    Flawless finish flush - Help

    harvesting in soil 2.5g pots .... using av so feeding for 8wks of a 9 week flower and flushing week 9 .. question is using flawless finish i think i used way too much .. out of the 7.5g of water i need to flush each 2.5g pot with do i use flawless finish in every gallon of that 7.5 g flushing...