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  1. L

    How long Cali OG Kush Haze takes from flip date?

    Could anyone tell me how long Cali OG kush haze takes from flip date? I Got 75 days left before I need to move over seas, and It's my First time growing, and I would like to try my product before leaving. Thank you for your time
  2. J

    Trimming prior to flower flip questions

    What Strain is it? Skunk #1 Fems from Seedsman Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? "mostly Sative" How Many Plants? 3 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Flower If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? If in Flowering Stage... How Long? 1 week Indoor or Outdoor? indoor Soil...
  3. F

    When you flip

    When you flip to 12-12 is this the time you start counting your flower time?
  4. N

    10 weeks White Widow into the 12/12 flip

    .10 weeks White Widow into the 12/12 flip..hardly any amber trics but damn this looks ready to harvest... Im a 1st time grower..... opinions please, thanks
  5. F

    How do my girls look? First time grower

    On day 30 flower that's from the flip
  6. N

    Am I ready to flip into flower?

    Hi all...1st time grower. I have 6 White Widow females that I have lst\'d since the very beginning. They are 46 days into veg. It\'s about an 8-9 inch even canopy and as you can see are healthy, nice and bushy. My real problem is that I need to harvest them by Sept. 1st. Would love some input on...
  7. S

    Group Flip - May 10 2017 - Different Grows - All Welcome!

    Hey Everyone. A bunch of us have been talking about flipping to 12/12 at the same time. So far we have vespertine, JPinkman and myself. LaidBackLeo was going to join in, but had to lead the way and flip early. Hoping he will sneak in some posts on his flip as well. We welcome any and all of...
  8. MickFoster

    Can I flip flop my light schedule?

    Can I flip flop my schedule without causing hermie problems? I'm in 3rd week of flower.
  9. Gazoo

    Blueberry Fields

    Took my weekly Photos and a little bored so I will post some. Got down stairs to the grow room to late to take pictures without HPS so please forgive the not so great pictures First is The Blueberry 25 days from Flip Calling this photo Blueberry Fields Next is the Bag Seed...
  10. Scrogdawg

    Is it time to flip to 12/12? Your thoughts please

    Its getting near that time and I'd like to ask for the opinions of the more knowledgeable than I. This is 2 Crop King White Widows in day 59 of veg in RDWC. I have done some heavy defoliage so most of whats there are potential bud sites. I'd say the screen about 70% full right now. There are...
  11. S

    Help I am In a bit of a pickle

    Hello guys, 2 x CBD Critical mass 400w soil grow in a very small space. This is my second attempt at a scrog and I am 6 weeks in to veg and have had a few problems, there ok but by no means perfect however I am about to flip to 12 / 12 and I am finding it increasingly difficult to get them...
  12. W1zard

    Hi - Reintroducing myself - Come check out my grow

    Hi everybody :) Hope alls well, just thought id post again to see if i could get a lil more traction and by ways help and advice I signed up a couple of months ago and am into the 89th and 55th days of my first and 2nd grow. Everything seems to be going well with one coming near to harvest...
  13. M

    About to flip over to flower

    Should I change the res when I flip add the transition recommend nutes or will I be fine just to flip with the res as is? I am growing in dwc and res is only like 2 days old.
  14. F

    Should I flip?

    Farmthekush's Soil Great White Shark & Sour Diesel - First Grow Teaser! - Page 2 journals in progress forum is being owned by posts so noone really sees my post. can anyone help me decide if i should flip? if so, should i defolate more and lolipop 2 days before? :Namaste:
  15. K

    Should I flip this scrog yet?

    They were germinated on Dec 9th but I'm not sure when to start counting the veg days from. One plant is almost all through the screen, the other is a little behind. I have been told I should have flipped last week, to flip now, and not to flip for another week. Should I let the smaller one...
  16. T

    Vote on Wife's first grow! - Make a Mother or flip? - Now who will teach who? - LOL

    55" wide Strawberry Blue. Should we keep as mother plant or flip to 12/12 your votes will decide!
  17. L

    Most efficient veg time or size before flip?

    Have mode a voting poll, lets get voting! I am trying to find out when its best to flip to 12/12 on photos. I have done a search and found many different answers which is confusing. Some of the answers I found are: It is best to veg for 4 weeks It is best to veg for 6 weeks It is best...