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  1. Alaskan1

    AK1 Three Tent Grow Baby

    So, lets start at the begining. I didn't want to grow in tents again but money (or lack there of) forced me back into doing it this way for now. I'm going to be doing things a bit different this grow. First I will be growing all 3 tents at the same time. Not that I have never done that but...
  2. X

    Xlr8's Hydroponic Adventures & Photos From The Garden - 2012

    High Everyone. :welcome: As I mentioned in my previous journal, I am not really wanting to keep a traditional journal right now, but I do want to have a place to share thoughts, experiences, and pictures related to my ongoing grow efforts. Having said that, this probably won't be...
  3. Magic beans

    Magic Beans Flo N Gro Pineapple Chunk - Lemon Skunk LED Grow - 2011

    Hello, 420. I've decided to do a journal on my first hydro grow. This will be my 3rd grow, the first 2 being soil withany problems includin root burn and gnats that came in my lucky bag of vermisoil... Woohooooo gnats!! Anyways here are the specs: Strain: pineapple chunk From Barneys...
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