1. Gardenseed

    Ebb & Flo advice needed

    Got my first edd and flo but I've yet to decide how long between water cycles (flooding bucket). Any advice would be greatly appreciated:Namaste::Namaste:
  2. L

    DinaFem Bubba Kush Automatic Feminized - 2 months harvest

    Preparation Tent used : Black Orchid Hydro Box Lite Tent, 1 x 1 x 2 with 5 inch Even Flo Filter and 5 inch Black Orchid Hybrid Flo extraction Fan. Pot: 30 L Airpot Soil: 70% BioBizz LightMix with 30% BioBizz Coco mixed in Light Schedule: 24/0, 400w LuminiGrow 450R1, LuminiGrow 450R1 | Led grow...
  3. L

    Abandoned Flo Super Mutant Pheno Hunt - Home Made Veganics

    Seeds - The strain is Flo by Dj Short, The seed pack says they are f4s and f5s. lighting - combination cfl and led bulbs, both at 6500k and 2700k kept on 18/6 nutrients - i feed them home grown algea (spirulina) i grow in a 10 gallon aquarium and somtimes molasses. Goal - to find a nice...
  4. C

    Abandoned 7 Flo - 1 x Mango - 3 Chem - 1 SSH

    How's it going fellow growers. I am currently growing 7 Flo, 3 Chem, and 1 SSH(clone straight to 12/12). The 6 Flo, 1 Flo x mango, and 3 Chem are on their 7th day of flower as of today. So here we go I am happy to present my babies to you. Nutes: Bio vega + age old grow any suggestions? how...
  5. 4twenty4all

    Completed Introducing FLO and Jillybean

    I'm just one week into flower and at the last minute decided to do a journal. I got two clones from my good friend. These are awesome moms of DJ Short's FLO, and Jillybean. They are very different looking plants but finish at the same time. Both produce very dense, stinky, and sticky buds. They...
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