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flood and drain

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    Blonks - Aussie Sativa - Ebb & Flow - First Grow

    Hi Guys, new to the site & and new to Hyrdoponics. So please forgive any noob questions and or answers. Any Help or Guidance Would be greatly appreciated from you Master Growers :D My Setup: Strain: Aussie Sativa (unsure to be honest random bag of seeds) System Type: Ebb & Flow Reservoir: 25L...
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    1 x 600w GE Lucagrow w/ Lumatek Ballast - Ebb and Flow Pvc Pipe

    I have seen similar photos to my set-up but never anything exactly the same. I'm planning to upgrade to a more advanced aeroponic system soon, however until I have the space this thing has a sufficient yield. What strain is it? Sativa Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For...
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    Super Cheese Haze

    hello all, right now i have got an iws system going on. First time i have used this system, and to tell you the truth, im pleasantly suprised. this system requires the minimum amount of input, it just wants to be left alone to crack on with its own thing. This system suits me right to the...
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    4x4 hydroton flood tub grow questions

    Hey Everyone, Im starting my second attempt at my 4x4 flood and drain grow. Im using 2 1000 watt lights over 2 4x4 tubs in a 10x11 room, one MH one Hps for veg then 2 HPS's for flowering. Last round I filled the 4x4 tubs full of hydroton and used 2 -25 gallon reservoirs to flood the tubs...
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