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  1. P

    15 Plant 2,400Watt Grow

    Hello here are some of my photos of the grow I have going now, it’s self-made Mapito with my own nutrients. 15 plants in a 1.7m x 2.10m space with 4 600watt lights over it 1,300m3/hr fan and filter and flood and drain system Watering is flood and drain system it’s on the floor with pipe...
  2. D

    Flood time with grow bags

    Ok so I'm making a change from square plastic net pots (which I usually flood for 15 minutes 4 times a day) to 3 gallon grow bags. Just wanted to know how often and how long others are flooding the table with grow bags.
  3. dauzer

    Help with IWS Flood and Drain

    Hey 420, Need some help!! Iv just purchased an IWS 12 Pot Pro Flood and Drain system. I'm only using 8 of the 12 pots so my res will be 150L. Im not quiet sure on the flooding times or show long to flood for. Iv only ever grown in soil. My medium: 80/20 Mix - Clay Pebbles/Coco in 9L...
  4. P

    Ideas for monitoring flood and drain system for failure?

    Hi Guys, I woke up this morning and checked my cameras to find this: I rushed to the grow room to find the flood and drain pump had died. I quickly replaced it and watered them and I'm hoping she will bounce back, she hadn't dried out and it looks worse than (hopefully) it is. I'm...
  5. L

    Harvesting early in the great 2017 Norcal flood

    Ok guys and gals, I am six weeks in to my 12 plant grow 6 white widows 6 purple kush, they are all in soil and seem to be devloping nicely. The ww is a 8 week strain and the pk is a 9 to 10. Well my question to you all is because i am in the flood zone if Oroville Dam breaks should i cut...
  6. steppedinds

    Need advice on new flood and drain system

    So i'm currently in the process of upgrading to a flood and drain system. I am stumped now on whether to ebb/flow my liquids by using feeding tubes to each plant, or to use the taller flood/drain extension that just keeps the tray at a pretty full level with a bottom overflow (which just doesnt...
  7. newbiegrwer

    DIY flood and drain table 3ft x 3ft

    I built a 3ft x 3ft flood and drain table with some simple supplies from lowes plus some flood and drain fittings. I used 1 x 4 for the frame with 1 x 2 for the supports in the bottom. For legs I used porch rail banister cut in half. Then (2) 3ft x 1-1/2 ft storage containers with flood and...
  8. GimmieGreenie

    A Novice Thought

    I came across a 500watt Worklight which is really a super bright flood light. I been reading here that flood lights are a waste of time. My question is, Cant we find a way to make this light work... I mean really, its a500watt light for under 60bucks new. Were vegging with weak blue LED's...
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