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    Flooring for grow rooms

    Hi All, We are setting up a grow that will have about 5000 sqft (veg and flower), and the space currently just has a concrete floor. We're wondering if there is a better type of floor coating we should consider. Our local flooring store has come out, and is doing some investigating for...
  3. Ron Strider

    Nevada Senators Vote To OK Smoking Pot In Businesses, Among Other Bills

    Several marijuana bills skated through the Senate and Assembly floor with unanimous passage on Tuesday for another deadline, while others passed by the skin of their teeth. Both S.B. 375, which advocates for tribes' rights to establish marijuana facilities, and S.B. 344, which aims to protect...
  4. M

    Max's Second Grow - Critical Cure & Blueberry In Soil

    Welcome to a very neglected second grow that started on 1st June 2016. They've been left to grow a little wild but pictures were taken at strategic points to keep a bit of a record. This time around we have 2 x Blueberry - free seeds with the order so no stats given. I grew one of these in...
  5. R

    LA: Mom's Emotional Testimony Before Vote On Medical Marijuana

    When this year's sweeping medical marijuana bill hit the Senate floor for a debate April 19, state Sen. Francis Thompson made it clear where he stood. "Let me tell you what: Years ago they needed Hadacol," said Thompson, a Delhi Republican, referencing an old supplement marketed as medicine...