1. J

    Need advice on T5 bulbs

    I am getting ready to start my first grow. I will be starting my plants under a 4' 4 lamp HO T5, vegging with MH, and flowering with HPS. My question is, does it matter which bulbs I use from the time I plant my seeds to when I move plants to the veg room? I bought my fixture and it came with...
  2. WizHigh

    Abandoned Fishtank Grow 2012 - 5 Unknown Strains

    Grow area - 55 gallon fishtank Bucket Size - 16fl oz foam cups Medium - 50% Scotts soil 50% Coco Coir. Lights - T5 4ft 4bulb 54w HO 6500K Nutrients - FloraNova Grow/Bloom, Kool Bloom, Super Thrive Strain(s) - UNKNOWN # of Plants: 5 Yield : N/A This is my first Journal but second grow...
  3. K

    Help seedlings leaves are burning? Pics

    This is the setup I have going in my cabinet, its my first grow and im trying hard to get it right. My seedlings are begining to burn and shrivil at the tip of the main leaves and I need help. Here is a little backround on the grow. Yesterday I changed out three 23" T5 lights which emit 18 watts...
  4. M

    Completed Our First

    So I'm trying to grow for my woman. She smokes for the anti-anxiety effects and as such, we decided to grow Strawberry Cough. Along with our order came an Afghan-Mazar blend. I hope I spelled that right. We've got a space picked out and the lights should be up soon. I'm starting with CFLs...
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