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  1. Sir Budlovski

    Budlovskis - 12/12 From Seed - LED & CFL Journal - THC Bomb & Multiple Strains

    Hey all As some would know I'm doing some 12/12 from seed growing for awhile because of electricity cost and low funds atm and speedy harvests, plus I've got some freebie fem seeds, reg seeds and a lot of bagseeds. Strains i have started so far are THC bom(reg), WoS Amnesia(fem), double Jacky...
  2. ilikebike

    Ilikebike's Pure Power Plant Soil Grow!

    What strain is it? PPP (Pure Power Plant) - a strong F1 hybrid, was developed in the late 90s from a South African Sativa and a fat Indica from the USA. Pure Power Plant's tremendous growth potential is a prime example of hybrid vigour. This variety is the latest trend among Dutch commercial...
  3. GreenChrome

    Ice and Bubblicious Under CFL in Soil - 2nd Grow

    Hey 420 Nation, this is my second attempt at a grow, as well as my second attempt at a grow journal. Neither were great the first time, so I would like to do better on both this time. I learned some important lessons on the first grow, and my goal is to not make the same mistakes again...
  4. GreenChrome

    GreenChromes First Grow, Bag Seed Kush, Soil, Flourescents Only - 2010-2011

    Hello 420! After lurking for a bit, I decided to make the jump so here I am. My experience growing is none, so I wll need your help as I learn. I have started setting up my room, or rather my closet. It is 28" x 28", small. Pictures of the current work in progress will be up as soon as my...
  5. S

    White Widow First grow HELP!?

    Hey there, I am a complete beginner in growing, so I would like your advice on my first grow. I planted 4 of my 10 purchased seeds of white widow about a week ago and all have taken and are about 3-4 inches high. I am currently using a PHILIPS 20W Esaver flourescent bulb in a normal household...
  6. BendMMC

    Quantum T5 Badboy

    Quantum Horticulture Products | Take the Quantum Leap I recently purchased a Quantum T5 Badboy 12 lamp Light. I'm very impressed wih the results of this unit. My plants are at the moment, 5 weeks old, 10"-12" height, 14"-16" width. I'm getting explosive growth! I'm moving this light every other...
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