1. Sir Budlovski

    Completed Budlovskis - 12/12 From Seed - LED & CFL Journal - THC Bomb & Multiple Strains

    Hey all As some would know I'm doing some 12/12 from seed growing for awhile because of electricity cost and low funds atm and speedy harvests, plus I've got some freebie fem seeds, reg seeds and a lot of bagseeds. Strains i have started so far are THC bom(reg), WoS Amnesia(fem), double Jacky...
  2. ilikebike

    Completed Ilikebike's Pure Power Plant Soil Grow!

    What strain is it? PPP (Pure Power Plant) - a strong F1 hybrid, was developed in the late 90s from a South African Sativa and a fat Indica from the USA. Pure Power Plant's tremendous growth potential is a prime example of hybrid vigour. This variety is the latest trend among Dutch commercial...
  3. GreenChrome

    Abandoned Ice and Bubblicious Under CFL in Soil - 2nd Grow

    Hey 420 Nation, this is my second attempt at a grow, as well as my second attempt at a grow journal. Neither were great the first time, so I would like to do better on both this time. I learned some important lessons on the first grow, and my goal is to not make the same mistakes again...
  4. GreenChrome

    Completed GreenChromes First Grow, Bag Seed Kush, Soil, Flourescents Only - 2010-2011

    Hello 420! After lurking for a bit, I decided to make the jump so here I am. My experience growing is none, so I wll need your help as I learn. I have started setting up my room, or rather my closet. It is 28" x 28", small. Pictures of the current work in progress will be up as soon as my...
  5. S

    White Widow First grow HELP!?

    Hey there, I am a complete beginner in growing, so I would like your advice on my first grow. I planted 4 of my 10 purchased seeds of white widow about a week ago and all have taken and are about 3-4 inches high. I am currently using a PHILIPS 20W Esaver flourescent bulb in a normal household...
  6. BendMMC

    Quantum T5 Badboy

    Quantum Horticulture Products | Take the Quantum Leap I recently purchased a Quantum T5 Badboy 12 lamp Light. I'm very impressed wih the results of this unit. My plants are at the moment, 5 weeks old, 10"-12" height, 14"-16" width. I'm getting explosive growth! I'm moving this light every other...
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