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flower 12/12

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    Thc bomb shot week 6 flower
  2. T

    Should I prune and thin before flower?

    I'm growing GSc and bubblelishis under a 600w hps and a 600 w led in a 2xx5x6 tent. I need to switch to bloom asap due to hight limitations. Itinned and pruned 4 days ago and the have exploded since then. Should I prune andexfoliate and thin. And how long is recover time. Thanks for reading
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    Blueberry in the corner over grow
  4. 20180524_170246.jpg


    2week of flower after bending, full canna plus big candy and big bud
  5. Momma’s Kitchen

    Durban Poison

    Has anyone had finicky Durban Poision? Some plants from the beginning looked like they were dying, others grew strong. However all the buds look good so far... so odd. Anyone else had that experience? I don’t like the supplier I got them from. Genetics? Hang on for pictures
  6. Z

    LED Flowering at 12/12 or 20/4

    Howdy Folks, As the title suggests i have a bit of a dilemma, I have always used 12/12 for flowering time but with my new Viparspectra V900 it suggests in the book that came with it to use 20/4 for flower, not sure why this would be, any thoughts on this? Cheers Z
  7. captainhowdy

    Please check out my grow journal! Unanswered questions

    Could someone please help me out and answer a question for me on my grow journal regarding flowering transition? I'm growing Crown Royale, Dark Angel and Green Crack using a 400W MH AND 3 four-foot T5HO sunblasters in a closet for veg and 1000W HPS in a 4X4 cabinet for flowering. The Crown...
  8. C

    Help needed asap day 2 flowering lemon haze

    Sups guys What Strain is it? Lemon Haze First Generation Clones Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Sativa How Many Plants? 2 Have Issues Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Day 2 off Flower If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? 5 - 6 Weeks from clone. If in Flowering...
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