flower light cycle

  1. J

    One month into flower 600W DWC

    This is Sheila at about a month into flower, we named her sheila because we do not know what strain she is, we do know the plant the seeds came from was blue dream. Switched to 12/12 Dec.18.2012 Under 600W HPS (Metal Halide for the photos) Using the GH 3 Part Flora Nutes with Heavy...
  2. freelover32

    Close to harvest- light cycle questions

    Okay So I have eighteen days left on my girl. They will be chopped on day 58 of 12/12. They have been on 12/12 for 40 days now and I wonder. Does bringing a half hour more, or an hour more of darkness like a 11/13 cycle increase bud production and resin buildup? (it seems to me most of the...
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