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flower problem

  1. Bounce3d

    Known mites mid to late flower

    Hi All the details of my current grow are in my signature. Now I know I have mites, have been fighting them since about the last week of veg. Have been fighting the battle with neem but accessibility has been a major factor for me losing. In the pics are evidence of the spider mites but some...
  2. D

    Flowering & budding seems behind schedule - Temperature? Light?

    I've got three plants in flower since October 20th, so as of 12/8 coming up on week 7/day 50. The buds just don't look as big as what I've seen (generally) in grow journals that are at this stage. I'm guessing it could be two things: temperature, since it's been averaging low 60s and...
  3. M

    Save my secret strain! Please

    Howdy all. Newbie me. OK then where to start. My first grow. I am 7-9 weeks in flowering (2 dif batches). My teacher who never comes around didn't mention that the clones we took needed to be in a different room or extended lighting (separated) in grow room. So now all my clones are dead or...
  4. A

    Problem - Mutation

    Hi all. This is my first grow, with 2 plain unfeminized gift seed. both ladies. One of my ladies is more Indica dominant (short spaces between internodes and wider leaves). The other lady is more Sativa dominant (longer spaces between internodes and longer, pointier leaves). Now, the last few...
  5. L

    Leggy flower problem

    Anyone got a good suggestion? I have several varieties growing in an 8'x8' room with 3000 watts HPC. The grow room is a little too hot for this variety, I think--average around 90 degrees F. Lights are on 12.5 hours, off 11.5 hours. Other plants seem to do fine, but this particular strain gets...
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