flower time

  1. B

    First Grow Of Bagseed

    Stories of first time growers most times start with bagseed, same. She's a strong plant, and in tandem we both are growing together. I never thought it'd sprout, but as my luck usually runs, I'm now farming. -Strain: bagseed (from friend) -Age: 11 weeks, 3days old from germ. (In 1st week of...
  2. B

    First Timer

    Howzit everyone first time growing in my 36 years of life and cana consumption. I decided to sign up and start a grow journal with the 420 Magazine community late in my grow (11 weeks old) because now I getting excited about my plant. Super laid back, even with constructive criticism so no...
  3. Brnwn4

    Flowering too early?

    I have 21 plants. 6 were just transplanted from solos and 15 have been potted in 2gals for 3 weeks. I took the 6 just potted and 5 from the ones that have been potted. I plan on keeping the taken ones in veg and flowering the other 10 in a 4x4. They have roots coming out of the bottom of the...
  4. A7AE964A-9FFC-4BF3-88F1-29F4FF439F83.jpeg


    Cherry bomb finally took her out of tent took a look took a few branches off that I thought were no good and not going to accumulate much . See what happens here .
  5. FA5AEB95-E2C7-4B80-AA40-74E593CCF4A8.jpeg


    The smaller purple monkey balls I call runt of the two . Still some decent sized fans week one flower
  6. AA043A85-71C7-4E33-B0EF-D40723A13FF2.jpeg


    Let the flower begin 3x3 tent 1-1.5 gal fabric pots
  7. A9566A2E-0C78-4087-A047-1A1FE1B6C67F.jpeg


    Cherry bomb day 9 flip confirmed female so day one flower. She is two feet 2 the four main colas removes everything off each of those four main colas upto and leaving only the top four nodes .
  8. E75ECE11-BEA5-436B-B7BC-0DBBC2A45E7D.jpeg


    Thc and widow group shots
  9. 20180506_100128.jpg


    My little garden
  10. six.jpg


    3rd week of flower
  11. 16B45054-5662-4F27-8CFF-3F82F2D49C9F.jpeg


    Ain’t she beautiful big bomb ladies and gentleman by bomb seeds look them up 420 sponsor.
  12. og disciple

    Help: Dinafem Blue Widow run...not sure when to harvest

    2nd post ever. I hope this is in the right place and all that. Currently have a single blue widow freebie in a 3-gallon pot with 40% roots organics original and 40% gold label coco, and a 20% compost mix of worm castings, forrest humus, and biochar (laced with bennies and dolomite lime)...
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