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  2. N

    Unintentional flowering

    I have 2 lemon haze (fem) on 18 hrs of LED lights ,one is starting to flower..should i just go to 12 n 12
  3. dirt mcgert

    Dirt 2.0

    Hello everyone, after some time away I'm recharged and ready to grow. Only running a veg tent and a flower tent for now....well till I start cloning again then the 3rd tent will be up and running. Same setups as before....2 2x4x5 tents fans/filters....you know the drill. Veg tent has a 450w led...
  4. B

    Need help figuring this out

    hey guys. ive been having this issue with rust colored leaves for a while now. heres the info on the grow. im sure i will forget something so please ask questions. i have a 4x4 tent with 4 purple haze plants from the same mother. i use advanced nutrients ph perfect grow micro and bloom along...
  5. T

    As Requested - 300Watt LED Grow

    25 Days in Flower, under one of these lights. :S below par or Substantial ? I have 3 plants under this light, all buds are similar. To anyone curious this is Strawberry Cheesecake by HeavyWeight Seeds. ( There is a Pineapple Chunk by Barney's Farm in there as well but i dont have all day to...
  6. JackRedins

    Newbie to indoor

    hey guys I've been growing outdoors since '78. Today I started 5 seeds germinating for an indoor grow. They are auto flower and i'm finding all kinds of conflicting info regarding light time for growth vs flower. some say 20 4 some 18 6 and some say 12 12. with so many choices how...
  7. B

    What's more efficient? 4 clones veg then flower? Or 12 clones 100% flower?

    Hey guys. I'm a newbie grower and I've been doing a lot of reading and research on growing, trying to learn as much as possible. I've noticed on some cannabis growers IG pages that there are a lot of people running what looks like a larger number throwing them into flower from the start. Whats...
  8. Grandpa Tokin

    Grandpa Tokin's RDWC & Timber COBs

    Hello everyone! Well, Grandpa's been a busy beaver lately. The holidays are over and I'm happy about that. Time to focus on the garden. I hope you enjoy what happens. I am a medical marijuana patient in my state and only grow my own medicine. I like the fact that I can grow more than what...
  9. M

    MrMedic's First Grow - 2000W 4x8 Scrog RDWC

    Hi, This is my first time growing anything as my prescription is too expensive! Gear 2x 1000w hps air cooled 4 by 8 tent 8x 5gal Rdwc Scrog is 4'x8' with 2"x2" trellis Plant Crown Royal from CKS Blueberry x Purple Kush Mostly Indica 8x clones from 1 mother And the...
  10. P

    Lower buds

    Hello everyone! Can you remove the lower popcorn buds at 1 month of flower or it's to late for that? Luv yall:circle-of-love:
  11. J

    Trimming prior to flower flip questions

    What Strain is it? Skunk #1 Fems from Seedsman Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? "mostly Sative" How Many Plants? 3 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Flower If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? If in Flowering Stage... How Long? 1 week Indoor or Outdoor? indoor Soil...
  12. T N L

    Transplant Day 1 Flower - CoCo Experiment

    Hypothesis: Adding a 1" layer of soil to the bottom of the container on the first day of flower will give roots space to grow for flower cycle Test: We took 3 plants that had all been in veg and had filled up there containers. Removed plant from container and added 1" of fresh coco to the...
  13. A

    MH for flower?

    Hey all. Been using MH for veg and HPS for flower for many, many, years. Now, I am having people tell me to flower WITH my MH systems, and I'll have more potent medicine. Should I try this? I am almost ready to flip 2 Blue Dream girls. Opinion PLEASE!
  14. Ron Strider

    Demystifying Cannabis Concentrates

    If you’re new to the recreational cannabis game, you may be overwhelmed by the idea of extracts and concentrates. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you make sense of the different terms and products available on the market. A concentrate is any oil — which can be viscous or solid in form —...
  15. DobeWan

    DobeWan's Perpetual Adventure 2.0: The Reboot

    Welcome friends old and new to my new grow journal! For those that don't know me, a little background. I'm a legal medical grower out of Canada. I suffer from a pretty bad case of IBS, and MMJ helps me deal with it. I enjoy cannabis recreationally as well. I've grown and run journals...
  16. D

    Flowering & budding seems behind schedule - Temperature? Light?

    I've got three plants in flower since October 20th, so as of 12/8 coming up on week 7/day 50. The buds just don't look as big as what I've seen (generally) in grow journals that are at this stage. I'm guessing it could be two things: temperature, since it's been averaging low 60s and...
  17. beez0404

    Making tincture with a Magical Butter 2 machine: Decarboxylate the flower?

    My wife recently purchased a Magical Butter Machine 2 with which she wants to make oil, butter, and tincture. She is confident that she knows how to make the butter and oil as apparently there is plenty of information out there to read. She has not had the same luck researching the making of...
  18. P

    PDub's 9kw Fire OG 2017

    Hello everybody, Will be starting a new grow this week and this will be my first journal. Will be growing Fire OG + another strain tbd. Flower room is 16x19, still building out the veg room so will veg in the flower room first run. I plan on a 3 week veg topping and lst then moving to scrog...
  19. beez0404

    Just take a moment to look please - Is this a Potassium deficiency?

    I have some leaves (8-10) that are showing what I believe to be a potassium deficiency on an otherwise healthy and happy plant. I am not totally sure so hesitant to move forward. The plant has been in flower now for about 4 1/2 weeks. Foxfarm trio of nutrients. What do you guys and gals...
  20. BuddahWalkie

    Buddah Walkie - Soil - Cherry Gorilla & Midnight Moon - 2017

    What's shaking fellow growers/enthusiasts! The names Buddah Walkie. Quick intro about me... I have been growing (medically and legally!) off and on since 2015. I started with Nirvana Seeds. Did a few photo periods and auto-flowers. Quickly, tanked. You can say I started from a hallowed out...
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