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  1. Etzmishpat

    Ready To Harvest?

    Just wondering the forum consensus as to whether these buds are ready to harvest. It’s about 7.5 weeks into flower. Should I give it another week or two? Any advice is appreciated!
  2. Carmen Ray

    Pistils turning brown ExCheese after re-potting due to Fungus Gnats

    Greetings all. I noticed a fungus gnat infestation 4 days ago, and started by placing bowls of beer and wine vinegar next to the plants (did not have wine or apple cider vinegar), but only one gnat caught. I followed up by making a spray of 5 % dishwashing liquid, and 2 drops each of cedarwood...
  3. Kvarrasso28

    Flowering question

    I’m new grower and this is all new ! I was wondering if I’m growing outside so I still have to do 12 hours of dark ? All comments are welcome Here are some pictures 63 days old and around the 4th week of flowering! Thanks everyone
  4. B

    It's My First Time

    Hi guys. I'm a first time grower and I've had this beautiful Sativa for just under a year now. I noticed about a week ago that she has entered the flowering stage. One of my friends told me that I had to prune and/or trim her, but apparently it's too late now. What am I supposed to do from here...
  5. F

    How's her progress now?

    Hi all. I'm back again looking to see if I'm going in the right direction and just to show off my buds. She's a white widow auto 63 days old. I'm just anxiously waiting to see if it will swell more. Does it look like it will? I got some nice photos of my buds to get a good look at.
  6. Bubbafreed

    SOG Technique

    Hi all, With SOG technique you looking to gain high yield in a short amount of time and more harvest as the process is quicker right? In that case when to flip to 12/12? As I guess it’s quicker than normal as your not wanting much of a stretch. Seeds are creme caramel and dominate black ii...

    How much longer before harvesting?

    I have a Blueberry Kush plant in about 4 weeks into flowering, I've been feeding it Terpinator, General Hydroponic's Microbloom and Microgrow, and pH up. I feed it nutrients every 2 days and water it everyday. The plant is about 2 feet and 6 inches tall. About how much longer before harvesting...
  8. Somewhitekid513

    Needing some tips on my plants!

    I got one in flower im guessing around 7 weeks into flower. An the other is about 8 days old , an another that just sprouted. Im keeping them outside until it gets to cold then im putting them inside on a 12/12 schedule . I need any tips tricks or anything thay can help any of my plants. Also...
  9. T

    Brown pistils tip? Week 4 into flowering

    Hi guys, so I'm onto my 3rd day of week 4 into flowering and just yesterday i noticed some browning at the tips of my flower's top pistils and some (a smaller %) on the bottom pistils. Some pistils are all brow even. Now i don't have a magnifier but i ordered 1 online and it should be here in a...
  10. GDTG

    No yellowing of leaves during harvest

    Hey guys am I doing something wrong I'm on my last week of flush and my leafs aren't yellowing my trichomes are like 70% milky and 30% amber
  11. J

    Namaste - Review my plant outdoor growing stuck in the flower starting stage

    :Namaste: I am growing marijuana outdoor started on June 5th vegetative stage till october 1st The problems is I don't see enough pistils, its been a month into flower. Is it normal???
  12. A

    Seedlings flowering too soon

    I have a few seedlings (Cinderella 99, Big Bud, og kush) that are about 7-8 inches tall, they are kept outside during the day, and at night I move them on the patio with a fluorescent light on (about 150 watts). They ALL started flowering!! I live in Southern California, and it's now October...
  13. T

    Harvest help

    What do you think? i am a first time outdoor grower, looking for opinions on harvest time, i am ordering a jeweler's loupe to get a better look, this was planted last week of April in dry hot weather climate, partial shade for afternoon. I do not know what strain it is. Help appreciated. Thanks
  14. F

    Major problem please help - 5 weeks into flower

    Made a huge mistake and think I have completely fcked it ! :( I have 6 plants under a 400hps in a grow tent. Started out in my wardrobe under a CFL. Vegged for ages and then moved them into the tent under the new light and roughly 5 weeks ago did the switch. I have no clue what I'm doing other...
  15. I

    When should I start to flower my White Widow?

    Auto White Widow, day number 40-42. Lighting - Cfl 4X65W(6500) & 1X65W(2700). 10Litre pot, Watering 1.5liter once in 3 or 4 days. Guys help, this is my first grow, when to start flowering??
  16. CamelBack

    Foliar Feeding For Flowering Plants

    I have an afghan plant that's in full flowering now, I think about 3-4 weeks in. Is it advisable to foliar feed during flowering? Won't it affect the quality of the bud, diminish yields or any other setback? Thanks! :cheer2::cheer2::Namaste:
  17. M

    New Grower - Timing Concerns

    Hey Guys, So i am a daily smoker and thought i would give growing a try when i found a seed in a 1/2 i bought and it didn't instantly combust in my hand. It ended up germinating and went off to a great start. I have stuck with all fox farm soil and nutrients. I manage my pH and have good...
  18. L

    Are my indica strains ready for flowering? Help!

    Hi friends, As this is my first post in the forum I am greeting you all,:Namaste:. I am a new grower who is at the 4th week of growing Nitromatic by Power Seeds. I hope that she will become an indica beauty. However I have some questions that need to be answered by experienced growers. At...
  19. K

    First time indoor hydroponic

    using LED and florescent indoor, six hole unit using three 1-2 staggered. planted in January, I think they are almost ready to start budding. how many hours of light should I be giving to start flowering.
  20. K

    What To Trim From Jack Herer Week #3 Flower?

    Really, my only questions are how should I be trimming this little girl back please? First time grower. Thanks very much all for your advice.
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