flowering advice

  1. T

    Brown pistils tip? Week 4 into flowering

    Hi guys, so I'm onto my 3rd day of week 4 into flowering and just yesterday i noticed some browning at the tips of my flower's top pistils and some (a smaller %) on the bottom pistils. Some pistils are all brow even. Now i don't have a magnifier but i ordered 1 online and it should be here in a...
  2. GDTG

    No yellowing of leaves during harvest

    Hey guys am I doing something wrong I'm on my last week of flush and my leafs aren't yellowing my trichomes are like 70% milky and 30% amber
  3. J

    Namaste - Review my plant outdoor growing stuck in the flower starting stage

    :Namaste: I am growing marijuana outdoor started on June 5th vegetative stage till october 1st The problems is I don't see enough pistils, its been a month into flower. Is it normal???
  4. A

    Seedlings flowering too soon

    I have a few seedlings (Cinderella 99, Big Bud, og kush) that are about 7-8 inches tall, they are kept outside during the day, and at night I move them on the patio with a fluorescent light on (about 150 watts). They ALL started flowering!! I live in Southern California, and it's now October...
  5. T

    Harvest help

    What do you think? i am a first time outdoor grower, looking for opinions on harvest time, i am ordering a jeweler's loupe to get a better look, this was planted last week of April in dry hot weather climate, partial shade for afternoon. I do not know what strain it is. Help appreciated. Thanks
  6. F

    Major problem please help - 5 weeks into flower

    Made a huge mistake and think I have completely fcked it ! :( I have 6 plants under a 400hps in a grow tent. Started out in my wardrobe under a CFL. Vegged for ages and then moved them into the tent under the new light and roughly 5 weeks ago did the switch. I have no clue what I'm doing other...
  7. I

    When should I start to flower my White Widow?

    Auto White Widow, day number 40-42. Lighting - Cfl 4X65W(6500) & 1X65W(2700). 10Litre pot, Watering 1.5liter once in 3 or 4 days. Guys help, this is my first grow, when to start flowering??
  8. CamelBack

    Foliar Feeding For Flowering Plants

    I have an afghan plant that's in full flowering now, I think about 3-4 weeks in. Is it advisable to foliar feed during flowering? Won't it affect the quality of the bud, diminish yields or any other setback? Thanks! :cheer2::cheer2::Namaste:
  9. M

    New Grower - Timing Concerns

    Hey Guys, So i am a daily smoker and thought i would give growing a try when i found a seed in a 1/2 i bought and it didn't instantly combust in my hand. It ended up germinating and went off to a great start. I have stuck with all fox farm soil and nutrients. I manage my pH and have good...
  10. L

    Are my indica strains ready for flowering? Help!

    Hi friends, As this is my first post in the forum I am greeting you all,:Namaste:. I am a new grower who is at the 4th week of growing Nitromatic by Power Seeds. I hope that she will become an indica beauty. However I have some questions that need to be answered by experienced growers. At...
  11. K

    First time indoor hydroponic

    using LED and florescent indoor, six hole unit using three 1-2 staggered. planted in January, I think they are almost ready to start budding. how many hours of light should I be giving to start flowering.
  12. K

    What To Trim From Jack Herer Week #3 Flower?

    Really, my only questions are how should I be trimming this little girl back please? First time grower. Thanks very much all for your advice.
  13. S

    How does it look? Being a first grow

    Greetings yall. :Namaste: My poor plant is suffering from phosphorus deficiency.. She is 45days old (2 weeks into flowering). I've been giving it enough phosphorus so she should recover, i hope. I just wanted you guys to let me know how she looks for being a first experimental grow. She is 8,5...
  14. S

    When should I go 12/12?

    Greetings yall... :Namaste: So its like this. I have a limited grow space, its a growbox i made for only one plant (micro grow) and i was wondering when to go 12/12. My plant is right now about 6 inches tall, and it has been 1 month since it sprouted. I am very impatient and its because i've...
  15. K

    Anyone tried 13+/12 or similar?

    Hey guys, this might be a total noob question (I'm only first-year in Hort), but: If cannabis is a critical night-length plant, would I be able to give my baby a long daylight 13h+ for extra photosynthesis, and still let her flower in twelve hours of darkness per cycle? I tired looking it...
  16. L

    11/13 Flowering Cycle - Please give your input

    Sup 420Mag, I have been running a 11/13 flowering cycle on my lady, I read that DJ short also recommends the 11/13 flowering cycle. So far I have noticed a ton of resin production, it looks like she is going to finish earlier and yield a little less. I love the way the buds are looking on...
  17. C

    Indica clone in soil with pictures

    NEEd them to start flowering, and just advice on what to do now, indica, been growing about a month and 1 week, gets nutrients every two weeks
  18. P

    First Grow - Almost over but suddenly problems - Please help!

    Hello guys, This is the first time I am growing. and my plant is in the 8th week of flowering. Everything was going perfect until 3-4 days ago. the plant was perfectly healthy and the buds were getting bigger and denser with more trichomes. The temperature of my grow box was always about...
  19. C

    New member semi experiencd grower!

    Hey everyone new user to this site have been growing for about 5 years mostly OG Kush, Purple Kush from cuttings off a friend in Canna coco using A+B nutes and PK13/14 in flower + epsom salts 3 times over the course of the grow. But this time I decided to grow from seed went for the feminized...
  20. M

    trichome problem

    I have a sativa dominate pineapple express that has been flowering for 14 weeks and hardly has any trichomes. What am I doing wrong?! I have heard that some strains can take up to 18 or even 22 weeks to finish, but this has me extremely worried that I've spent 14 weeks flowering crap! It stinks...