flowering clones

  1. Y

    How does plant maturity affect flowering period?

    Hi All! This is the first thread I'm starting on :420: , so please be gentle! :) I searched through the masses of forums and couldn't find a thread answering quite what I wanted to ask, so if anybody is willing to shed some light on the topic I would really appreciate it. The best way I...
  2. M

    Spliff Seeds Power Plant Problem

    Hey guys, long time reader, first time poster, I have a problem. I've cultivated Spliff Seeds gold line of Power Plant with success into 2 plants, one's the mom and the other a clone, into the 5th week of flowering, now it wont stop burning its leaves to crispy claws. Strain: Power Plant (80%...
  3. Pisces-420

    Should I start flushing my AK-47?

    On Weds. 1/25 she will be 7 weeks into flowering. 150 watt CFL 2700k. DWC system with a 5.8 PH. About 50/50 red to white hair ratio and only on the sixth week did the buds start to swell. Should I start the 2 week flushing process? Post pics in one min.
  4. D


    Someone gave me a plant they had that was in veg on a 24/0 cycle. I had to keep it ouside for a couple of weeks and the much shorter days forced it into flower ( even though it was at like 16/8) so I cut my clones promptly. They rooted and are now under 24/0 again, they were growing fine at...
  5. H

    Flowering Clones..... are they worth it?

    Whats up Y'all? Its been a while since Ive been in here and I have some questions to stir up. I have cloned from both flowering plants and veg plants and have cloned as late as three days before harvest and had great success....But, I'm not sure if there is any advantage in any of the...
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