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flowering early

  1. P

    Help! grow problems

    Okay to start, week 1- (3 seeds) two were feminized 1 of which was autoflower and the 3rd was a rando seed I was growing in a closet with a 400w hps. about 1-2 weeks of the plants out of ground and they were really heat stressed. week 3 i moved into a smaller closet near ac window unit...
  2. Y

    Dwarf plants

    hey guys, I recently began to grow a weed plant from a seed a friend gave me. And well everyone told me that it was hard as heck, and so far i have obtained this pretty thing: It´s 6´2 tall and i read that if i did it right there is a process to keep it that height, and while...
  3. WizHigh

    GLR vs 16/8-18/6 Light Schedule!

    Ok im pointing out the difference with light schedules. Major difference in growth. These are the same strains under the same lighting and conditions. Same nutes. I just wanted to point this out because everyone says GLR sucks and its not worth the time. Its not the point of it speeding up the...
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