flowering help

  1. Z

    Help! Are My Plants Hermies?

    Super new to this, pretty sure i have 1 male, but think a few of my females might be hermies... can anybody help identify for me?
  2. Mcdankness

    Leaves turning purple near harvest?

    So, I am on about week 6 or so into the flowering stage for this little mamma (Blue Dream , Indica) and just recently I started noticing a strange purple growth on the fan leaves. Primarily, the fan leaves surrounding the highest cola is where it is most prominent. The "purple" begins to...
  3. C

    Indoor Cheese DWC Harvest Help!

    Ok everyone this is my first post and my first grow and have definitely had tons of questions through out this grow but i am just about at the Harvest window now. I had a batch of cheese filled with seeds so i figured why not. I started them all off in the aerogarden hydro setup and got really...
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