flowering stage

  1. FC4800 Summer Grow 2023-Grow Journal-Feed Chart

    FC4800 Summer Grow 2023-Grow Journal-Feed Chart

    Current Feed Chart 5 Strain Grow: 4 Photos 1 Auto Feed transition for all strains this week: to Week 1 Flower for Photos and Weeks 3/4 Veg for the Autoflower
  2. P

    Is this normal for female cannabis in budding week 2?

  3. H

    Defoliating in early flower in small place

    Hi all! I have a plant that is grown by bagseed.It seems like it grows hairs so it will grow buds.I have a small grow box with small space currently and thats the only way where I can finish this plant. My question is that can I remove the bigger leaves?The bigger leaves are bending because...
  4. Ydro93

    1st time not sure when to start harvest

    Good evening 420 community! So It is my first time harvesting & I’m not too sure how to know when they’re ready. I ordered a micro lens to look into the trichomes but until then how can I know when it’s ready to get chopped? they are on week 9 day 59 into the flowering stage. I’m using a 1000w...
  5. C

    LST during flowering stage?

    Hi everyone. I want to know whether I should stop lst during vegetative stage or should I continue until harvest? Do you only do vegetative stage lst then release soft ties during flowering or do the soft ties remain till the harvest day? I've got an indica so it's super bushy and but is...
  6. M

    Have some problems and need help about late flowering outdoor

    "purple bud" from sensi seeds white label company feminized 75%indica I growing this all mix soil outdoor since 27 of May now I am on late flowering period . 1) I used some fertilizers (biobizz) but for only 1,5-2 months do I have to flush? 2)leafs especially in the upper-highest bud...
  7. LittleBoyBlue

    ChemDawg #4 Flowering - First Time Grower - Need Help!

    I could use some help from some grow vets. This is my first time growing. I understand to look for 50-75% organe hairs when it\'s time for harvest. But here\'s my issue- the buds just look sooo... thin. I\'m a bit disapointed. I believe I\'ll start the flush process on one of the plants and see...
  8. B

    Artificial Light For Outdoor

    Well what's up 420 fam!! I'm new to this whole growing thing. But I'm going to start an outdoor grow here in so cal. by july 18th they will be transplanted to a 7 gallon smart pot and put outdoors. the spot I'm placing is getting about 14-15/10-9 of sunlight to darkness. roughly. I'm afraid...
  9. G

    Abandoned 1st Grow - Starting Journal at Week 4 of Flowering

    Hello!! Thank you for taking the time to check out what I've been up to for the past couple months. Like the title says, I am a first time grower, so please understand that my plant went through a rough vegetative state. But, alas, she has made it this far, and I would love some general...
  10. Onceinawhile

    Hey guys need urgent help with 3 plants

    Hey guys I got a big problem but first thing is I am a 1st time grower and I need help to make a decision. I have 3 plants and they are about 4 months old and I just discovered that 2 are males and 1 is female. I don't know what to do with the male plants. Should I trow them away, I heard that...
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