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  1. T

    Unknown strain that smells like coffee?

    what would make two out of my 4 plants have a distinct coffee smell? a couple key things 2 point out is that they are 2 weeks into flower, and the 2 out of the four that smell like coffee are a kind of a unknown strain. i say kind of unknown because i seem to remember the seeds coming from a...
  2. N

    Double Diesel in 4th week of flowering

    so I wanted to put some pics of my Double Diesel in flowering with Fox Farms OF soil and Bud Candy fert....... Tell me what ya think :welcome:
  3. N

    New T5ho Grow Sat or Ind? Help Looking OK?

    using 4 4ft T5HO vertical,6" inline vortex fan. Home made Stealth Box 22"x22"x5' Not sure what these are Sativa,Indica or Hybrid? Guess you guys will tell me! Thanks in advance. Been flowering on 12/12 for 4 weeks today! Started flowering sept 29 2010. happy anniversary Ladies half way...
  4. S

    Yellowing Leaves 2 weeks flowering

    2 weeks into flowering and scattered leaves look like this P.H. is at 6.5 is this just how the leaves die during flowering or Magnesium prob?
  5. K

    switch lights to flower?

    Is it possible to grow quality buds using T5's and cfl through the entire grow or is it necessary to switch to hps when flowering?
  6. H

    HerbsNBuds' 1st and 2nd Simultaneous Grow

    Hello all... this is my first post which includes my 1st and 2nd grow combined. So start with the 1st which is now about 1 month into flowering. Bucket Size - now in 3.5 gallon, started in dixie cups Medium - Soil Mix (some from my backyard garden and then store bought) Lights - (2) Dual 40w...
  7. HolySpicoli

    My first grow. Does everything look good?

    Would like some opinions please. First grow, these looking OK? 25 days into flowering on 12/12. Soil grow, 7 females out of 9, boys are long gone. 400w HPS, had MH for veg. :thanks:
  8. flybyshooting

    First Grow Questions-SH Bubble w/ DS

    Hey all, Been reading this forum for a while, at first I was reading on another site but it seems like there was a large Deep Water Culture migration over here and there is a lot more information here on Deep Water Culture and people seem more helpful and friendly. Anyway, I'm going to be...
  9. DJMattz0r

    First Grow! Stealth Stereo Cabinet CFL Bagseed Attempt

    So I have been reading about growing for quite some time. I played around with germination for a while, then to go for it. I had been contemplating doing a stealth PC box, but never got around to building that so I converted a stereo cabinet into a small chamber [17'' wide x 18'' tall x 15''...
  10. DJMattz0r

    Did I ruin my flowering cycle?

    Okay so first off I have been growing this lovely lady (hopefully) from some bagseed since about 4/20 and I have recently built a small box to flower in. I switched to 12/12 lighting schedule ~8 days ago and I came home just before the lights went off to take a look. Well the lights turned off...
  11. O

    My Miracle Grow / First Bagseed Grow. (Just Started Flowering)

    This is my first grow. It's a miracle because it's been growing in a extremely small pot with an aloe Vera plant next to it. (amazing huh?) it's about 9 inches tall and I just started flowering. Showed it's sex yesterday. The lifhtig I'm using are 3 cfls I have no ideas what the wattage is. I'm...
  12. Blayzed

    Amnesia Haze Flowering Journal, Super Hairy and Icy!

    :yummy: Hey Everyone, This is a continuation of my "Amnesia Haze Saved From Death" Journal, which I ended because it was stunted and was taking a really long time, so I just wanted to kind of Re-Open this Journal once it started budding, so here it is!!! It's Kind of a long story, but the...
  13. M

    2 weeks into flowering, still can't see any signs of the gender

    ive into flowering 12/12 for 2 weeks, but still can't see if they r girls or boys. every plants r 4 weeks old, wondering if this is just what happens? in normal cases how long into flowering u would see clearly signs of boys n girls? ur answer is appreciated!
  14. StinkFinger

    Newb: Male or Female? Pics Here. Day 14 Flower - Thanks!

    Hey Guys. Love the 420 Forums. Everyone is so helpful. Anyway, 1st grow here, just wondering if you could help me determine sex on these 6 plants, please? Hydro grown, 5 weeks of veg, and 2 weeks (today) of flowering. Planted from bag seed, unfortunately. Thanks in advance! S.F...
  15. J

    Is this the beginning of a bud?

    Is this the beginning of a bud? If not, can you tell me how long I have until it flowers? I just started the 12/12 cycle 3 days ago
  16. L

    First time grower -- spider mites during flowering

    Greetings! I'm a first time grower, almost 4 weeks into 12-12 light cycle on a 4 month old Super Silver Haze mother plant. She's getting a 1/3 dose of Hygrozyme and Botanicare Flower Power 2-2-5 Bloom food twice a week, which is every watering. The temperature stays between 72-81F, and humidity...
  17. F

    Emergency situation. Please help!

    heeeey. i'm new to posting here. so i apologize if i've broken any rules. here's the deal. i have a box grow. 400watt hps, white widow, i'm just getting to the end of my 7th week of flowering. i have some serious buds growing right now. 2 plants, bout a qp of picture perfect chron...i was out...
  18. I

    Nutrient question

    Okay, Im pretty late in my grow and my plants seem healthy, but i never have given them nutrients and i completely forgot what soil im using. Is there anything specific i can be giving them? I also am very low on cash so any house held items with nutrients would be great. Btw im in the flowering...
  19. P

    My balcony plants might not live to maturity

    Hi. I've a few plants that have been flowering, but I'm concerned that they might not live to maturity. I think they're about 3.5-4 wks since they've gotton the white hairy areas. 1 plant has lots of these, every single branch has got them. Anyway, it's like getting cold outside and not very...
  20. V

    Help! Ruderalis X Skunk Plant 13inch Tall Looks Ready to Harvest?

    Hey I have a ruderalisXskunk plant, shes only 13 inches tall, been flowering for 3 YES THREE weeks now...But shes looking like shes going to finish in the next couple days....On the 2 main colas the hairs are like already half red! Each of the smaller buds (about the size of a quarter) have a...
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