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  1. F

    Emergency situation. Please help!

    heeeey. i'm new to posting here. so i apologize if i've broken any rules. here's the deal. i have a box grow. 400watt hps, white widow, i'm just getting to the end of my 7th week of flowering. i have some serious buds growing right now. 2 plants, bout a qp of picture perfect chron...i was out...
  2. I

    Nutrient question

    Okay, Im pretty late in my grow and my plants seem healthy, but i never have given them nutrients and i completely forgot what soil im using. Is there anything specific i can be giving them? I also am very low on cash so any house held items with nutrients would be great. Btw im in the flowering...
  3. P

    My balcony plants might not live to maturity

    Hi. I've a few plants that have been flowering, but I'm concerned that they might not live to maturity. I think they're about 3.5-4 wks since they've gotton the white hairy areas. 1 plant has lots of these, every single branch has got them. Anyway, it's like getting cold outside and not very...
  4. V

    Help! Ruderalis X Skunk Plant 13inch Tall Looks Ready to Harvest?

    Hey I have a ruderalisXskunk plant, shes only 13 inches tall, been flowering for 3 YES THREE weeks now...But shes looking like shes going to finish in the next couple days....On the 2 main colas the hairs are like already half red! Each of the smaller buds (about the size of a quarter) have a...
  5. hapgrowy

    Help Super Chopping flowering clones

    heres the deal, im growing outdoors and everyday i getting more and more weary about something happening to my baby, so im SPREADING her out heres two before i seperated them i have taken 4 clones from ma dukes who happens to be in her 3rd week of flower, now i need to know if i have to put...
  6. B

    Monster bloom? 0-50-30

    I am new to all of this. i have been around it for quite some time now and decieded to give it a try. i am currently in my second week of flowering and im happy to say 6 of 8 are females. I am wondering if anyone has used this monster bloom 0-50-30 and how is it? my cousin said it was tight...
  7. WhiteWiddow

    co2 in flowering room

    i was wondering if anyone else used a co2 tank in grow room i heard it is good for fans to shut off 3 times a day for about an hour and during this time to have a co2 tank run to fill room with co2 that the plants will intake? i am curious of this and was wondering if any use this method and if...
  8. WhiteWiddow

    how to know when flowering time

    im new and was curious on how i would know when they are ready for flowering and how to do it? ty ahead of time i am a simple person so please take this into mind while answering my question tyvm i have some growing already and just dont know that much about the actuall growing of them and...
  9. Lil Neutrino

    Want to get rid of that "ugly" yellow tint in your flowering pics?

    I say ugly but that's subjective...I personally don't like the yellow coloration that so many flowering pics have as I find the plants to be so much more attractive under "normal" light. To solve this problem is quite simple and requires you to merely try a setting other than "Auto" that will...
  10. C

    Flowering but No Buds

    i got a lemon skunk and a super lemon haze........before i planted them i had started from a randome seed a friend gave me(unknown type)-this plant started flowering-its budding-no problems but the other 2 are flowering but no buds. just so you know-i am growing outdoors (in pots but under...
  11. P

    Help! Growth stunted leaves drying out and spindly

    Ok. So I am in currently in the second week of flowering. My leaves are drying up, some are curling under like talons, and on most of the older leaves the edges are all dried up. I just transplanted my girl into a 2 gallon pot 4 days ago, and used Organic Black Gold potting soil. I havent...
  12. J

    Janx's 1st SOG under CFL's

    I started with 300 seeds and I have culled down to 65 plants right now. I'm just starting to be able to find the males so they can be removed, too. All the materials were scrounged on the cheap and slapped together.
  13. E

    2 pound harvest every month- grow strategies

    Im moving into my new place in about a month, and I want to get my diagram set up now so I can get started right away. My goal is roughly 2 pounds of dried, cured bud every month. I am looking for numerous different ways that you experienced growers believe that I can achieve this goal...
  14. E

    (2) 400 watt hps vs. (1)600 watt hps

    would it be more cost effective or more productive to have 2-400 watt hps lamps flowering around 12-15 plants on a rolling table, and when the 12 hour cycle is up move this set of ladies into a sleeping section in my room, and bring out another set of 12-15 ladies which had just been sleeping in...
  15. S

    Smokin' 1st grow (OUTDOOR).. Bagseed

    Hey Its been a while since i had a grow log.. my last previous grows were males or interrupted due to thieving people.. But yeah any ways i got a few lil plants outside they were planted about 3/4 weeks ago they all vary in sizes. there is about 5, well i think. I will have pics in the...
  16. U

    Stressed in the 6th week! Can the smell come back?

    So this is my first grow, however i've had some professional help. everything was going perfectly until a couple weeks ago when i noticed some powdery mildew. I would sit in my grow room, taking my time with my ipod plugged in to the speakers i have, and carefully remove affected leaves...
  17. damnyourhot

    Can i flower this yet?

    dammit all the hell i wrote this and acc closed the browser window aghh i hate myself right now ok i have two plants one small one taller taller on has broader leaves lighter color shorter one darker color longer skinny leaves i think i may have a sea of green plant seed witht he shorter...
  18. DROBB

    What up from Texas

    Hey all, newbie here, I was wondering if someone could tell me is it better to use bonemeal or bloodmeal during the veg stage, and then flowering. How much of a variance can I have in my light cycle. If im off half hour or so in either direction, are there if any adverse effects? Thanks for any...
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