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    My first grow
  2. Mama TK Aggressively Claims Life

    Mama TK Aggressively Claims Life

    Reveg detail post trim
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  5. spleef farmer

    Auto flowering grow

    Been growing Autos for a little over a year. So far so good. The medium is Soil (Happy Frog organic) and Fox Farm Grow Big for Veg and Big Bloom for flowers plus Cal Mag. Trying to bulk up yield and density of Buds. Autos start flowers inabout a month, very short veg. Being a non photoperiod...
  6. Ron Strider

    Amsterdam: Opening Cannabis Cuisine

    Nowadays, hemp seeds are available at any supermarket. In recent years, CBD oil has been on the rise as a nutritional supplement. Space cake from Amsterdam coffeeshops is world-famous. The cannabis plant is mainly known for its flowers, which can be smoked, but it is also proving to be a...
  7. K

    Auto hermie

    Can feminized autos Hermie? And if so, do pollen sacks grow along with pre flowers?. I'm a little confused over what I see here.
  8. Ron Strider

    How To Trim Cannabis Flowers

    Whether you're harvesting your first marijuana crop or you're trying to land a job as a "trimmer," you're probably wondering how to trim cannabis flowers properly. In recent years we've seen several expensive trimming machines become available, but most growers, trimmers, and consumers agree...
  9. Ron Strider

    10 Of The Highest Yielding Strains Of Cannabis

    When growing marijuana for yourself or as a commercial crop, it's important to know what some of the highest yielding strains of cannabis are. While factors such as the growing space and cultivation techniques influence the size of a crop's yield, the genetics of a strain plays the biggest role...
  10. T

    Dangerous Pesticides in Medical Marijuana

    I've used MMJ for 6 years, and started to notice that my body reacted differently to the same strain bought from different dispensaries. Heart palpitations and muscle aches were the bad side effects. A friend told me the pesticides used by growers caused those side effects, and introduced me...
  11. I

    My first grow ever - Flowers seem too small - Outdoor

    Hi guys, i'm at my first ever grow, started back at the end of april. It all went almost problems free, after a troubling start. Now i should be at the end of the 3rd week of flowering and i think my flowers are too small. Could anybody give a thought i would really appreciate it. For me these...
  12. J

    Unfamiliar flowering & harvest

    Hello Thank you all for your great help in previous posts. Some of my plants suddenly have white/yellow flowers, I'm not sure what they are, if it's normal.attached are images Also, I think my plants are ready for harvest but I would like to hear how I can be sure. The white hairs have turned...
  13. Ron Strider

    Pennsylvania's Medical Marijuana Law Undercuts Criminal Charges, Lawyer Argues

    The attorney for a Monroeville man told a Westmoreland County judge on Monday that Pennsylvania's new law legalizing medical marijuana prevents his client from facing drug possession charges police filed after finding what they described as a grow operation at his former North Huntingdon home...
  14. D

    When do we see pre-flowers?

    My plants have been outside in the ground for about a month. Now that we hit the Summer Solstice we have 14.5 hrs of daylight. I'm wondering if I'm seeing pre flowers or just vegetative growth. I'm thinking it's too soon for pre flowers. Any commentary on the photo would be appreciated.
  15. C

    First grow 300watt LED week 6 flower!

    hello im almost at the end of my first grow now and I'm hoping to get some opinions of how she looks and some guesses what she could be? Unknown bag seed Light: 300watt MEIZHI led and 50watts of CFL 2 small fans 3 gallon pot with fox farm soil nutes fox farm big bloom ro water
  16. JuicyK404

    Male Pre Flower?

    I'm pretty sure my nightmare has come true but wanted to get a second opinion. Are these male pre flowers? They look like it to me.....
  17. B

    Little information needed for plants

    Hello i have some troubles and i will wait for your answers im 100% sure there will be similar to my post in forum but anyway i will feel free to ask i'm new for indoor growing i used to grow outside but now its too cold now i for my 2 seeds Bloody Skunk and Jack Herer today is 4th day since...
  18. dawook4420

    Is this a hermie?

    Hey everyone! First time grower/first time poster. Hopefully I set up the link to my photos correctly. So I started with random seeds because I didn't want to risk screwing up at $10+ per feminized seed on my first grow. I have the maximum allowed 6 plants (hooray legalization!) and they've...
  19. N

    Very small flowers?

    First time for me from bag seed. 12 /12 from seed. One plant is double this size but this one looks like it has flowers? Is that what I'm seeing here? I quart pot my own compost and soil. Occasional water and that's it.
  20. K

    CA: Vallejo Now A Legit Destination For Medical Marijuana

    Vallejo's medical-marijuana industry has weathered yet another crackdown and is in full bloom this year. Thanks in part to state-level regulations, medical-marijuana patients throughout the north and east bays can obtain some of the best regionally grown cannabis flowers, and hence the world...
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