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  1. LoLIsh

    Another First Timer

    Hey everybody. So I'm another first timer here. I decided to experiment with growing, since the collective I was going to closed. So far, I have been having good results. My plants are 6 weeks old today. I am using Four 4' Fluorecent tubes, cool whites. The tallest plant is about 13" tall right...
  2. H

    HerbsNBuds' 1st and 2nd Simultaneous Grow

    Hello all... this is my first post which includes my 1st and 2nd grow combined. So start with the 1st which is now about 1 month into flowering. Bucket Size - now in 3.5 gallon, started in dixie cups Medium - Soil Mix (some from my backyard garden and then store bought) Lights - (2) Dual 40w...
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