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  1. D

    DankaTrons Pc Grow Northern Lights Fem Auto 2019

    Hey guys currently 1 week into my grow with my seedling growing strong. Ive got it under a 5500k cfl bulb in a pc box. the seeds were germinated in peat pellets , and transferred into general potting mix. I rushed transplanting the seedling and put it into too big of a pot , i was wondering if...
  2. 420islife

    Changing light times

    Hey guys new to the whole gyo and have purchased a 80x80x160cm grow tent running a 600w hps Am currently in the second week of seedlings and they look pityful, Currently running on 18/6 nutes are coco bloom fed every 4th watering and have been in the 600w tent for a week And I was just...