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  1. F

    PH on flush understanding

    A grow spot told me if I keep the ph in soil at 7 or 7. 2 that when I flush all nutes will be locked out and that would stop the plants from absorbing any nutes. Is this correct ?
  2. E

    Waterfarm 8 Bucket Drip RDWC System - Need Ideas For Easier Flush Of System

    Hello all, I'm fairly new to the site so I just want to say hello and thanks for everything beforehand. Now onto the matter at hand, I'm sure most of you are familiar with the Waterfarm 8 bucket system with controller/reservoir (here is a link: WaterFarm Controller 8-Pk ). Now its a good...
  3. G

    Flush tomorrow or in 2 weeks

    I've gotta leave for the holidays...here is my budding plant. I have no experience and no magnifying device. The small bud pics are the outter buds/smaller. Should I start the flush tomorrow so I can chop down next Friday before I leave or should I just wait for 2 more weeks before I flush...
  4. Q

    Hot soil problems

    how does someone deal with too much nitrogen in soil? if you were to use bat guano that had a high nitrogen content, and it was toxic to your plant, how would you go about removing all that excess nitrogen? if 2 cups were added, 1 midway through veg, one at the beginning of flower and now there...
  5. J

    Question about flushing

    Hey guys. I am getting down to the wire. Loupe should be here Friday or Saturday. I was wondering when you guys flush your plants when do you start? Is there something I should look for when its time to flush? I was thinking when the tips of the trichomes start turning amber?
  6. P

    End of first grow - When do I flush for harvest?

    Do you harvest when trichromes are cloudy or amber Strain is unknown on plants
  7. onewarmguy

    Nute lockout? Flush or not flush

    Hi all I thought that given I'm growing CK's Autoflower Jack Herrer this might be the place to post. I'm throwing out this SOS on a couple of forums and I'm hoping to get some info. From the looks of things I have a serious problem with a zinc deficiency, and I'm starting to think I may have...
  8. J

    One week from harvest?

    Is this the beginning of the harvest window? I'm looking to flush soon and not sure how far off this is. Blueberry Gum (G13 Labs) Blueberry x Haze, day 50 since switched to 12/12 Indoor Soil, 20-25 C Kind LED XL1000 - (630W) 40-50% humidity
  9. C

    Advanced Nutes Flawless Finish

    Hi folks, I'm just thinking ahead but if using advance nutes flawless finish to flush my plants do I have to ph the water or does it do it for me? I'm trying to look online and can't find any mention of it. Its 7.0 where I am, which is a bit high for growing in coco. Any advice appreciated and...
  10. G

    Can I feed right after I've done a flush?

    After doing a flush, so I can check my pH, should I consider that a watering or can I adjust my nute solution, if needed, and go right to a feeding?
  11. N

    Water pH during final flush

    2 weeks away from harvest (hopefully!) and a question popped into my head : Is there any point in pHing the water I'll be using for my final week's flush if I'm using pH 7 tap water? My understanding is, baring any super acidic / alkaline levels, the pH is important for nutrient...
  12. Lilface2016

    This is me!

    Hi everyone. I'm G, from, Portland Oregon. I have had an indoor grow that is just finishing. I was trying to get in here to get feedback earlier. I couldn't navigate this site very easily. I think I've got it now! My first is an indoor grow with medicine woman, the second is bag-seed...
  13. Lilface2016

    Antacid tablets

    Has anyone ever used an antacid calcium tablet in their own potting soil (Fox Farm: ocean forest) on a flowering plant; specifically, in its 7th week of flower? I'm looking for ways to flush but still build strong resin production? All suggestions are welcome!! thanks, Face
  14. T

    Question about GH Florakleen

    Hey everyone. As the title reads, I have a question about General Hydroponics Florakleen. I am running 2x 5 Gallon DWC bubble buckets under 2x COB 400w LEDs for my first grow. I recently started having some issues with PH due to a bad (cheap) PH Pen giving me terrible readings. I've been showing...
  15. D

    1 week into flush

    Hello everybody! I'm one week into my flush and I notice freaking webbing on my rockwool right at the base where the stem shoots out. I just sprayed the rockwool and base of the main stem ONLY with sm-90, cilantro and garlic oil (can't locate my neem oil). Right now the buds don't seem...
  16. J

    Deficiency? Should I flush?

    Hey guys it did look worse yesterday but i dont think ots a light issue so i think i should flush my soil. What temp should the water be at when i do?
  17. Y

    Expert opinion

    Sunday was last feeding of molasses to an Indica strain of critical mass. Beginning two week flush. Timer malfunctioned causing 600 watt lights to remain on for an additional 6 hours. Temperature peaked at 108. Plants appear to be fine. Should I nix the flush and harvest? Will it hermie or stunt...
  18. O

    Looking for advice on yellow tips

    One of my plants has yellow tips. Growing in soil (Fox Farm) I ph my what between 6.5 7-0 Little concerned with soil ph Fox Farm nutrients. Grow big, big bloom, and tiger bloom. I tried to flush. Questions. I have a 5 gallon pot. How much water should I flush through it? I bought a...
  19. higherthehigh

    Safe ppm runoff numbers for final flush harvest?

    hi everyone iv never used a ppm meter up until now seen alot of mixed results, some say 100ppm is minimum and some are saying 600ppm whats a safe ppm reading to no when i can chop? if the meter reading shows up a safe reading after mid runoff does then that mean all the nutes will be out the...
  20. higherthehigh

    What can I trim before harvest? Start of 2 week flush

    hello everyone! im just wondering can i take most of the larger fan leaves of at the start or my 2 week flush? as you can see they are bushy and bottom nugs are getting hidden a bit to much, i dont want to totally strip her i just need to no what is the maximum i can, last feed was today...
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