1. Damien102

    Help - Leaves blackening after flush

    Hi all. This is my second grow so I am by no means an experienced grower. Plant is 8 weeks old and starting to flower. Typically I don't water to run off, but did last week to check my soil/ph condition. The run off was 5.7 (I'm soil growing) so I did a 5 gal (fabric) pot flush with 3 gal of...
  2. Z

    Need advice flushing Coco-coir perlite - Big pH and salts spike 4 weeks in

    I'm having an issue with my 1st grow, I'm 5 weeks in now and the run-off from 1 of my plants has spiked, pH and ppm going in is 5.8 and 1200, the run-off though is at 7.1 and 2500ppm The medium is a promix from my local store, it's 50/50 coco perlite with some extras. It's supposed to be pH...
  3. K


    What should my ph be when flushing with water?
  4. G

    Hydro flushing question

    Hey peace to all the Bud brothers Can anyone clear up when flushing in hydro (flood n drain) and its says to run your pump continuously and flush for six hours does that mean to leave the buckets flooded for 6 hours or run the system say every hour for 6 hours at 10 mins a flood ? or what, im...
  5. G

    Flushing hydro question

    Hey peace to all the Bud brothers Can anyone clear up when flushing in hydro (flood n drain) and its says to run your pump continuously and flush for six hours does that mean to leave the buckets flooded for 6 hours or run the system say every hour for 6 hours at 10 mins a flood ? or what...
  6. HigherTheHigh

    Question for high quality growers - Flushing question

    Hello all! Im back with a question that i could really use help with. I flipped 12 skunk xl on the 13th september making them 11 weeks old around todays date, i flipped them when they were only around 4 weeks from seed, iv never had a seed take so long to show sex like this strain. I am...
  7. S

    8.8pH run off

    Hopefully someone can help. I started some plants in the only soil available to me at the time which was Black Gold which had time release fertilizer incorporated in it. I am pretty confident the plants are in lockout so the other day I ph'd the runoff and it was 8.8. After flushing a 5 gallon...
  8. onewarmguy

    Flushing soil because of nute lockout?

    Hi folks, I throwing out this SOS on a couple of forums and I'm hoping to get some info. From the looks of things I have a serious problem with a zinc deficiency, and I'm starting to think I may have created a nute lockout when I changed from grow to flower nutrients (Green Planet). In the past...
  9. conradino23

    Nutrient Leaching: A Study

    Few words about how nutrients are leached, which ones are leached and under what conditions. The source is Chapter 7 of "Trees, Crops, and Soil Fertility: Concepts and Research Methods" (2003). It's good addition to flushing discussion, where folklore still rules. :smokin2:
  10. I

    Massive leaf crawling - Help!

    Hey guys, my girls are seriously sick and crawling, I tried PHed water flushing and H2O2 flushing, but still not working! Is there anyone who had encountered with the same issue before? Think I'm in deep shit right now, need help!!!
  11. S

    Flushing and pistols

    high people Just a quick question. If I started flushing before all the pistols started changing ,would it ruin my harvest? I'm growing in soil, buds are of a beastly size but hair's haven't really changed alot. I am growing bag seeds, one is afgan the other is satavia , ( which i...
  12. S

    Flushing Questions

    Hey boys, hope ya'll are having a great day! I have a couple questions regarding flushing. I've been giving my plants nutrients from pretty much the time they were vegging to today. One of my girls is pretty much ready for the chop, but I'm debating about giving it a couple good flushes...
  13. O

    When to flush in DWC

    Sup 420 Got a question that I'm sure that has been asked a lot, but I just have to ask again. I have 4 DWC bubble buckets with air stones. My question is should I wait until all trichcones are cloudy and some amber to start flushing or is it OK to start flushing while some are some are...
  14. 420growguy

    When to harvest?

    Hi I have 10 plant's total, and five of them look a lot closer to being done than the others. When do I need to start flushing? and when do i need to chop em' down? ANY Advice helps! Thank you guys! -Dylan
  15. S

    Coco not drying up after flush

    Hey guys, Well I flushed my plants 6 days ago and switched to 12 - 12 yesterday. What worries me is my coco still has not dried up. Only the top 1/2 inch is dry. I'm growing in 3 gallon pots pots, flowers are about 18 inches. Using pots similar to this Hydroponics Organic 3 Gal. Nursery Pots...
  16. K


    How long does it take for leaves to start changing colors after flush
  17. S

    New Member

    Happy Easter to everyone!! I am new to metering my water & have a question on ppm. The water out of my tap is 456. I have been giving my girls GH nutes & when I was flushing for the first time the reading was 190 or so. I dont understand.... can someone let me know whats going on....thanks guys....
  18. O

    Big Bud - Day 63

    So i was just about to start flushing this plant at the start of week 10, possibly flushing for 1-2 weeks. Today i noticed some new fresh white pistils and im not sure what this means. I thought she was ready for harvest and now im re thinking it. What does everyone else think, is she ready?
  19. GrowInTheDark

    Flushing & Staggered Harvests?

    Hi I have 6 plants in potting mix under 8 100w, 2700k, cfl's,and things look great, only the problem is that the main cola seems perfect for snipping but the rest underneath aren't because of the heavy foilage not giving them enough light, so i was going to do a staggered harvest where i...
  20. ThcSnow

    Promix & Biobizz Flushing

    Does any one have experience with promix hp and biobizz i only use their full line of nutes nothing else. Just wondering if i should cut off and go to pure water for the last 2 weeks?
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