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    Fogponics on dry-fog nozzles

    Hello guys :D So, I only growing non-420... ( sad sick law in my country) Hot peppers, tomatoes etc. But my methods can be use mostly for ALL plants ;) I using for them a YARA Kristalon nutrients, Blue, yellow and Orange + epson salt and calcium nitrate. Also I started using...
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    Fogponics Cloner

    I have been enjoying my 3D printer quite a lot since I received it about a month ago and have had it printing not stop on various different things. This is my latest design / concept of a floating platform for a fogger I bought off of amazon. The fogger has an optimal distance below the water...
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    Fog cloner

    I'm trying my hand at cloning and after doing a fair amount of research I've settled on using a ultrasonic fogger. After playing with the ultrasound element for a little while, it is clear that the fog bed that is produced never gets more than about three inches thick so I plumbed in an...