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  1. S

    Fogponics Cloner

    I have been enjoying my 3D printer quite a lot since I received it about a month ago and have had it printing not stop on various different things. This is my latest design / concept of a floating platform for a fogger I bought off of amazon. The fogger has an optimal distance below the water...
  2. B

    Nutrient water "cooking"

    Hey guys I'm sure it's due to not using the righ keywords but I recall there I'd a temperature in hydroponics that is to be avoided due to the nutrients "cooking" and becoming useless to the plant. The reason I ask is it looks like I'll be able to move forward with my fogponics project that I've...
  3. B

    Fogponics - Anyone have any info on this?

    I became aware of this sometime last week and have been doing research on it every day with surprisingly very little to show for it. Some people have mentioned a hearing issue in that the fogger can heat the nutrirnt water past a certain "cook" point but I have found several videos that show...
  4. madmarv0525

    Fogger cloner - What am I doing wrong?

    So I built a diy fogger cloner and before the cuttings have a chance to root they dry out even with me misting them 2-3 times per day. Should I add an air stone or does it sound like I'm doing something else wrong. I'm trying to run a perpetual grow but my clone game is way off right now please...
  5. N

    N.C.Gold's 3-240w LED/Fogponics - Skywalker & Plat Bubba 2011

    Specs Strain: 8 Sky Walker OG and 4 Platinum Bubba from Clone Queen in LA.(Their sites down) Tent: 4L x 2W x 4H Set-up: 50 gallon tub, 12-5.5" net pots, Hydroton Fogponics: 3 Single head Nutramist Foggers, 1 regular 12" airstone and airpump, PC fan in the side of the tub pushing fog up...
  6. T

    Self Growth Journal #1

    Hi Guys and Girls, I hope you are well and growing good. OK here goes with my first journal of my first attempt at hydro/aeroponics. Set up: Hydro to start with then Aeroponic once roots are established with Fogger and sprays. Room Dimensions W61cms x D61cms H 122cms Mylar Diamond...
  7. MisterPeabody

    Deep Water Culture with Fogponic Contruction

    I started off with this design mainly due to it being low profile and small. Cheap Sterilite container[/url][/IMG][/url][/IMG] I took some 2" site plugs and drilled a hole in them. EZ Cloner plugs fit into the 2"site plugs perfectly. Doing this eliminates leaks at the site plugs. Once the holes...
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