1. SomeGuy24

    Completed SomeGuy24’s Fogponics Birthday Cake Grow Journal 2019

    To begin, these are pieces I have and I am throwing together in hopes of increasing my yield. And also to learn about the Fogponics. Strain - Birthday Cake Kush 50/50 Indica When transplanted, will be in seedling stage Indoor, tent - 1.5 X 2.5 X 3 FogPonics 300W LED RH - 70% Temp - 81F Will be...
  2. S

    Fogponics Cloner

    I have been enjoying my 3D printer quite a lot since I received it about a month ago and have had it printing not stop on various different things. This is my latest design / concept of a floating platform for a fogger I bought off of amazon. The fogger has an optimal distance below the water...
  3. mouser

    Fogponics cloner questions

    OK...Im building a fogponics cloner...single disk with float, 5g bucket/lid 2" collars etc.. Wondering what the best cycle is... Im thinking 30s every 5 min or so? Anyone else play with these emitters?
  4. trichomes

    Fogponics - Anybody have an opinion on this photo / method?

    [/B]I think I might try it, if I can get some MEMBER feedback, that would be a great help/start. Thank you:Namaste:B]
  5. J

    Abandoned First Grow - Of All Systems Possible - Except Outdoors

    OK, so I am a little bit in to this grow and there have been a lot of changes, but I had started the entire thread in another forum. From now on I am going to continue to post from here. Any input, comments, concerns is much appreciated! My update pictures will be posted in the AM usually.
  6. N

    Abandoned N.C.Gold's 3-240w LED/Fogponics - Skywalker & Plat Bubba 2011

    Specs Strain: 8 Sky Walker OG and 4 Platinum Bubba from Clone Queen in LA.(Their sites down) Tent: 4L x 2W x 4H Set-up: 50 gallon tub, 12-5.5" net pots, Hydroton Fogponics: 3 Single head Nutramist Foggers, 1 regular 12" airstone and airpump, PC fan in the side of the tub pushing fog up...
  7. dhetep

    Abandoned Dhetep Fogponic & Hydro Grow

    Currently growing four strains, Afgan, Bubble Gum, Hash Plant, and BlueBerry Using a fogponic system all plants started from seeds. I started this grow February 1st 2010. System Specs 48" X 24" X 6" Unit 2 distribution res 1 main res uses 12 liters of water with gen hydro grow...
  8. MisterPeabody

    Deep Water Culture with Fogponic Contruction

    I started off with this design mainly due to it being low profile and small. Cheap Sterilite container I took some 2" site plugs and drilled a hole in them. EZ Cloner plugs fit into the 2"site plugs perfectly. Doing this eliminates leaks at the site plugs. Once the holes are cut in the...
  9. NE14AJ

    Foggers - fogponics - nebulizer

    Ok seen those pond foggers and seen that the ezcloner uses a similar unit , so i did a little reasearch and really came up with nothing , some say they work some say they dont , Well in my head it made sense that this would work so i bought one , i added the unit to my areoponics system and cut...
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