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  1. S


    Is reflecting light not a good idea with a mirror either outdoor sun or indoor led. I.e. Reflecting towards bottom. Also, which side of the aluminum foil is best to reflect with? Thanx.
  2. I

    Foil Covered Foam Sheeting?

    We use quite a bit of the foam boards/sheets that are normally used for insulation in construction. They are 4' x 8' and available in several thickness. We use the 1/2" thick to screw/glue to walls and the 1" thick as movable 4' x 8' panels. They insulate, reflect, are impervious to light and...
  3. HolySpicoli

    Mylar vs. Diamond Foil

    Need to replace my crappy 1 mil mylar. Painting walls white is not an option. Should I just order the inexpensive 2 mil mylar or should I order Diamond Foil 6.7 mil? Other than durability, is Diamond Foil really that much better?
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