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foliar feeding

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    New product I decided to try out buddy swears it will reward my garden. Safe to even spray at lights on they say going to try it out.
  2. CamelBack

    Foliar Feeding For Flowering Plants

    I have an afghan plant that's in full flowering now, I think about 3-4 weeks in. Is it advisable to foliar feed during flowering? Won't it affect the quality of the bud, diminish yields or any other setback? Thanks! :cheer2::cheer2::Namaste:
  3. T

    LED grow problem

    So my plant was looking a bit unhealthy due to what I believe to be a ph issue. I flushed the soil with clean ph'd water and foliar fed. About 3 hours later I sprayed down the leaves with clean water to remove any I absorbed nutes here's a pictures just before the foliar spray And here she...
  4. StonerThor

    Foliar feeding question

    Would foliar feeding of nutrients be helpful against deficiencies such as nitrogen and manganese? For example if my plant was showing signs of a possible nitrogen deficiency, and my nutrient mix contained a good amount of nitrogen, would foliar feeding the nutrients to the plants be beneficial...
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