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  1. S

    Leaf discoloration and missing pieces

    Strain - OG Kush, GSC, GDP # of Plants - 3 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 5 Gallon Lights - (1) 400 Watt HPS, (1) 300w led Nutrients - General Hydronponics Medium - 25% perlite 75% FFOF PPM - N/A PH - 6.7 RH - 30-40 Room Temperature - 65-80 Room Square Footage...
  2. F

    Foliar spray

    So I accidentally brought hydroponics foliar spray for my indoor crop. Thing is I'm growing in soil so will I be able to water them like normal with these nutes?? Without spraying them on the leaves.
  3. CamelBack

    Foliar Feeding For Flowering Plants

    I have an afghan plant that's in full flowering now, I think about 3-4 weeks in. Is it advisable to foliar feed during flowering? Won't it affect the quality of the bud, diminish yields or any other setback? Thanks! :cheer2::cheer2::Namaste:
  4. coralman

    Mixing neem with nutrients: foliar spray

    hi everyone, is it possible to mix neem oil with organic nutes as a foliar spray, i was going to mix biobizz algamic with cold pressed neem and foliar spray plants with it? thanks in advance:thanks:
  5. J

    Problem after foliar spray

    I had a calcium deficiency that I were able to stop the problem but I started to foliar spray to prevent further problems. So for this week foliar spray I used Calcium Carbonate and Epsom last. I followed the advice I was given about using 1 teaspoon of Calcium Carbonate. So I always go the...
  6. xave420

    Do I have to wash my buds?

    wanted to start a topic of having to wash ur buds based on whether you grew indoors or out and sprayed or foliar feeded with anything or not. I grew inside with no spray or foliar feeding , do u think it would be okay to just go ahead and dry/cure them? im guessing yes since ppl have been...
  7. lazyfish

    How much do I need to fertilize large outdoor plants?

    Hello Everyone, I have a large 6 foot outdoor plant and it has started showing yellowing leaves and burnt tips at the lower mid and close to the top sections of the plant. When I first noticed this two weeks ago I gave it a foliar spray with seaweed extract (micronutrients) and fertilized with...
  8. TheFertilizer

    Foliar Feeding - Why is there so much contradiction?

    I was reading a wetting agent bottle and it said to spray with the lights on. This is contradictory to what I have always heard that you want to spray with the lights off. Then the reason I find is people insist the stomata are open in the morning when the lights are first on, then people say...
  9. Bacondoggy

    Foliar spray & tea for foliar spray as well - In addition to soil feedings

    Foliar spray (depending on what you are spraying on the leaves and maybe even more important, when), has been very controversial. I have changed my viewpoints on it multiple timds. I have been advised against using ewc tea's as a foliar spray (for logical reasons - don't you want those...
  10. F

    Neem Overdose - Help

    I did my usual Neem oil foliar spray tonight, with the lights off. (Insecticidal soap w/ bottled water, then mix in the Neem oil, then ph down to get the solution to ph 5ish as instructions say) Already when I mixed I was baffled why it took so much ph down to get the ph down, in the green...
  11. K

    Sorry for being an idiot - 1st grow - Yellowing leaves - Mg def?

    Hi all, Does anyone have any idea what this looks like? Foliar over feeding perhaps? PH too high perhaps? I'm trying my first small grow in a tent in the basement. Full story here: Ktzn Leaves are turning yellow. I foliar fed two days ago. Looks to me as if I either overfed or have...
  12. S

    Unusual plant

    Hi to everyone. SyC69 here. Can anyone advise on me what is happening when a plant that has been foliar fed suddenly stops producing heads (tops). The plant was topped for its six weeks and changed to mostly foliar feeding for the last two weeks of the six. Now no more heads are being produced...
  13. L

    Foliar spray Help

    Hello friends can any successful experienced foilar spray users help me with suggestions and regiments you may use during flowering... 2nd wk for me so far. Ive been using FF lineup but open to others. 3Indica hydrids 2sativa hybrids -outdoors. Thanks for your help.
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