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  1. Ron Strider

    New Zealand: Is Hemp Going To Be The New Super Food

    Over the years super foods have come in and out of fashion, but now one expert is suggesting hemp might be a wonder food of the future. New Zealand chef, Cameron Sims, 24, is running a pop-up restaurant called Plant Culture to educate people on the benefit of hemp, which he says tastes like...
  2. Ron Strider

    CA: Yolo Cannabis Coalition Funds Weekend Food Project

    Meals on Wheels Yolo County has announced that the Yolo Cannabis Coalition has donated $10,000 for the Weekend Food Project, which will entirely fund the current program for one year. The Weekend Food Project was designed in 2015 to provide extra help and relief to extremely low-income...
  3. Ron Strider

    New Product Highs For Hemp - The Market Potential

    With new product innovation surging, highly nutritious hemp in its various forms, is an ingredient on a health mission with widespread applications. According to research from Innova Market Insights, hemp claims have climbed up 42 percent CAGR for NPD (Global, 2011-2016). North America and...
  4. F

    420 Windsor Ontario Event Cannabis Without Borders

    Come to the FIRST and Largest celebration of 420 Jumbotron, music, vendors, food. Sam Mellace is flying in for this Massive event. :cheer2: All monies go to the Windsor Food Bank. Feed the Hungry - get educated - find out how to get medicated. If you would like to sponsor or be a...
  5. P

    Hello: Best food for autos?

    Any one recommend best veg/bloom food for autos in coco coir?? :thanks:
  6. K

    Tasmanian Government Backs Food Law Changes To Help Hemp Industry

    The Tasmanian Government is backing industry calls to lift the ban on the sale of hemp-derived food products in Australia. Primary Industries Minister Jeremy Rockliff told industrial hemp growers his government was lobbying its state and federal counterparts strongly to change the laws that...
  7. K

    AU: Hemp Approval Set To Boost Domestic Industry

    A 16-year effort to have hemp approved for human consumption is reaching its final hurdle, with the food and fibre crop to come under the focus of regulators in April. Legislation changes are due to go before the Australia and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation this year, when...
  8. K

    Cannabis Edibles Manufacturers Wrestle With Growing-Pains Issues

    Forget gluten-free, artisanal and non-GMO: the fast-track growth segment in food processing is cannabis edibles. Baked goods, confections and still drinks infused or mixed with cannabis extract are a big part of the rapidly expanding legal marijuana market. Known as edibles, they are part of...
  9. F

    Not too new

    I'm not new at organic, but my hydro feeding is confusing me. I'm using bubbler systems. Should I add solution (food) weekly, every 3 days, or daily?, thanks for any great advice.
  10. S

    Help with food for hash plant

    I just got my crop king seeds hash plant today hope they sprout in paper towels arguebird thanks hope this helps don't have food just rain water what kind and when for food?
  11. S

    Food for my plant

    can anyone help me what kind of food should I feed my pot plant and when first grow?
  12. K

    AU: Hemp Decision Delayed As Food Ministers Consider Use Of Low THC Cannabis In Food

    Australians hoping it will soon be legal to consume food products made from hemp seeds will now have to wait until next year. A decision on whether hemp can be sold in food products was due to be made this month but has now been delayed until April 2017. Hemp is a species of cannabis, but...
  13. K

    NZ: Why Are We Hung Up About Hemp When It Has So Much Potential?

    In any large family there will be the earnest brother or sister and the fun-loving, irresponsible sibling. So it is with Cannabis sativa, in which one variety, known as hemp, has a huge range of potential applications, while the other, with a high concentration of the psychoactive component...
  14. K

    Prison Food Provider Donates To Keep Marijuana Illegal In Arizona

    A deep-pocketed coalition is spending big to keep marijuana illegal in Arizona. Drug companies, the Chamber of Commerce, and the alcohol industry, have together poured millions of dollars into the campaign to defeat Proposition 205, a ballot measure that would legalize marijuana for those over...
  15. K

    Marijuana Food Pairing Is A Thing Now And People Are Training As Sommeliers

    Steak and red wine, fish and white wine, any food and marijuana. That's generally the less informed opinion on what to pair with what, but over in Colorado (of course) there's a pot sommelier taking things to the next level. His name is Philip Wolf, and his company 'Cultivating Spirits' is...
  16. B

    Ph solution affecting my food truncheon

    Hi guys Should my ph solution affect the truncheon i use to measure food levels? ie....i take a glass of water dip my tuncheon in it and it reads no food. I add ph solution and dip truncheon and it sky rockets like ive added food. Should this happen?
  17. K

    High-End Dining - Are Marijuana Meals The Next Big Foodie Trend?

    "Just as we treat a glass of wine with dinner, this is how I'm treating cannabis - as an accent to the meal." That's Chris Sayegh describing his approach to cooking. The Los Angeles chef prepares elaborate multicourse dinner menus, with foie gras custard, citrus-cured salmon, and pomegranate...
  18. K

    Culinary And Cannabis Food And Wine Festival Hammered A Nail In The Pot-Stigma Coffin

    Nearly 30 cannabis companies and 200 eager guests gathered over the weekend at the Venue at Three Petals in Huntington Beach for Culinary and Cannabis - OC's first marijuana-infused food and wine event. The concept was to showcase that it's possible to use cannabis in gourmet meals without...
  19. K

    CA: State Food And Agriculture Board Holds Discussion On Marijuana Cultivation

    August 6, 2016 - On Tuesday, the California State Board of Food and Agriculture (Board) held a detailed discussion surrounding all aspects of medical marijuana cultivation. The discussion coincides with the Department of Food and Agriculture's continued development of licensing regulations for...
  20. K

    Hemp Seeds Under Consideration For Consumption In Australia By Food Regulator

    Australians may soon be able to buy hemp seeds to snack on, if a new proposal is given the thumbs-up. Food regulators in Australia are considering allowing human consumption of hemp seeds low in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) - the chemical responsible for most of marijuana's psychological...
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