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  1. Kosher-Kush

    Searching for Marijuana job in Europe or USA

    Hello everyone. I am a 27 year weed grower from Bulgaria. I grow since 2007. I have 8 years outdoor between (10-15 plants a year) and 5 years indoor expirience (under 4 KW lights and 20-30 plants a year). I got busted last year with 1 pound. I got two and a half years suspended sentence. I...
  2. F

    AF White Widow Day 75 - Are these trichomes mostly cloudy with some clear?

    I will appreciate even the worst estimated guess possible! For now, I'm going to let it go for another couple days and check back on the trichs again... unless someone suggests otherwise Smoked a single tiny popcorn bud which was about the size of one real good bong rip. As described on the...