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    Veg Area.jpg

    GSC, Sour D, Death Star, Plasma 5,10,13, KickFlip 1-5, Cotton Candy Kush, Bruce Banner,Headband.
  2. GnomeUDidnt

    Gnome's Fall Grow: Multiple Strains, Promix, LED, 2018

    Today is October 13 2018 and we're starting a new adventure I will be growing multiple cultivars Star Pupil, Girl Scout cookies, purple apricot x atf(a cross I made over the summer, i need a name). Its been over a year, boy has it been hectic. We have 3 gsc and 4 of my cross in paper towels...
  3. Dark Plasma.jpg

    Dark Plasma.jpg

    Small, super rock hard nugs with a sweet diesel fuel and hint of lemon spice.
  4. Morning Plasma.jpg

    Morning Plasma.jpg

    Nice Dark Plasma top with my coffee
  5. Phenoman

    Pheno's Perpetual: Ocean Grown Dark Plasma, Other Top Shelf TBD, Breeding For THC-V

    Good morning to all my friend and family here at 420Mag.com!:420: My Magnum Opus folks is right here. Please join along and help me make this a reality...:Namaste: Here is the equipment so far that I have, I will likely be using all of this stuff: Strain 1: So far Dark Plasma by...
  6. 45thdegreeMP3

    Wreck Creations - Multiple Strain - 2017 - Greener Than You Think

    Sorry for the late start.. Who really wants to see the veg phase though? Lets get real. Only joking, it's been a busy summer as im sure it has been for all. Let me kick this bitch off &then i can put up what pictures i have been able to snap in between taking breaths &drinking water. If it...