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  1. BarçaBeachBum

    Buenos Días from Barcelona

    Hi ya´ll, just wanted to say Hola from Barcelona and that this forum/site seems to be one of the better ones, from what I have personally encountered, very well updated, huge community, plus I enjoy having quick and easy access to soooo many useful links and resources, keep up the Great work...
  2. Bubbafreed

    Bubba Freed Grow Journal: 3rd Week Day 22 From Seed

    So Day 20 from seed, water is getting to be every other day, I need to invest in a reservoir (water storage) and potentially a backpack sprayer and free flow style nozzle rather than pesticide nozzle to get water flow out better, as whilst I like the control of spraying (watering the plants) it...
  3. Blueberry kush 5-6 week hairs forming

    Blueberry kush 5-6 week hairs forming

    Help she is maturing and so skinny what do I do ?
  4. GrizzWald

    Reliable CBD test for home use

    Just come across this on another forum.. not sure if it works but be good for some if it does.. By thecleangame DIY 8 Minute Home CBD Indicator Test! (Clear and Accurate Results!) thecleangame (58) in cbd - 3 days ago Simple, Reliable, and Quick! This test uses materials you can usually...
  5. P

    Colas on one side growing faster than the other

    Hey everyone. I'm new here and very grateful for this forum! Okay. Doing my first grow. Everything is going well it seems, had our share of ups and downs but turning out well. One question I have is, after fiming, why are the colas on one side growing faster than the other? Is this a...
  6. S

    Ho Ho Ho - Happy Holidays to my fellow cannabis consumers

    Hello folks. My very first post (well second, I was researching info on RSO and responded to a post) on this forum. One of my fellow cultivator's told me this forum is awesome. So here I am, been smoking for 40+ years ( a bit baked right now, but that's what I do ), cultivating for 20. Never too...
  7. R

    Hello Dear members

    Hello Dear Members My name is Raj, I am new forum member here. Glad to join with 420 magazine forum
  8. Michigander

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello from Michigan! I'm new to the forum. I joined just in time because after a recent move to a new home, I'm starting back up my perpetual all organic grow and I will also be starting a Journal along with it. I had a continuous grow going for well over 6 years straight and now my grow room...
  9. P

    Hey I'm the new guy!

    Wassup! New to the forum. :-) I stumbled across this site while i was looking for some info on growing. Gonna start my first grow in a couple of weeks once i get the equiptment i need. Only gonna do just the one plant for personal use for now & work my way up from there. Done some research on...
  10. D


    Is there a cooking or recipe forum here? Thanks
  11. C

    Hello from a new member from Canada

    I have recently joined this forum to add to a Crop King Seed Candy Cane Autoflower grow thread and figured I should introduce myself. I have 3 years of indoor growing experience and 5 outdoor. I am looking learn and contribute to this community. I have my ACMPR and grow in a 4x4. Again I...
  12. D

    Hello To All!

    New grower and have been getting alot of info from this forum so it's about time to say thank you and hello!!!
  13. M

    New Crop King grow

    awesome customer service. My next grow is crop king.finishing a gg4 x starfighter. Prepping for something good. I will be running nanulox 315 Phantom Reflector, ushio 3000k, single shot dwc. One Waterfarm, GH neuts. In a 3 x 3. I'm gonna dedicate this forum to Crop Kings only. Any ideas, advice...
  14. Ron Strider

    IN: Local Medical Marijuana Advocate Taking His Message To D.C.

    Jeff Staker, founder of the non-profit Hoosier Veterans for Medical Cannabis, is taking his message to Washington, D.C., next week through a high-profile forum featuring some of the nation's leading researchers on the benefits of medical marijuana. Staker, a Peru native and former Marine who...
  15. GROWant

    GROWant OSRAM LED Grow Lights #1 - G3HiPAR Series 240 Watts & 480 Watts

    Greeting Dudes, It is our pleasure being a new sponsor of this popular forum & being fellow of Cannabis enthusiasts. Contributing our self via Professional Products & Quality Services in the coming time that with all the nice members will be our main fun. For this initial post, we would like...
  16. outerlimits

    New Here

    Hello everyone. I am a first time grower and this forum has helped me whenever I needed some answers and or advise. I am an indoor grower. Using my closest as a grow room in my apartment. Auto Speed Bud is my first grow and I am in my sixth week. I have gotten a lot of help with my grow from all...
  17. K

    Grower in CO new to forum

    Hello, everyone! New here, but not to the grow! Look forward to seeing what I can glean from you guys and how I can contribute knowledge.
  18. 420Actual


    Hello, I am 420 Actual. I am new to this forum and wanted to say hello to everyone. I am a disabled veteran of the Global war on Terror (GWOT), Op Iraqi Freedom, and Operation New Dawn. I am an enormous Marijuana advocate. Forum and free speech advocate and altogether community advocate. I will...
  19. R

    Where is the box for general discussion

    Like title :shot: new forum so plz give me some direction :D
  20. Q

    Novice report and the problems I encountered

    Very pleased to be able to come to the forum to learn, at present my plant germination rate and survival rate is not ideal, has died 11 seeds. Need some guidance, how to publish the forum picture? I think this will help my question!
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