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  1. TennesseJed

    G13 Haze, MSNL, Week 8 Of Flower

    G13 Haze from MSNL, week 8 in flower. 4 Plants are in a 4x4 tent, using a 600w HID and 2 -108w LED Grow Bars. Fox Farm Soil and the complete nutrient package, include micros.
  2. Lisaalexstark

    Name That Deficiency

    Hello Smokers and Smokettes!! I have been having some serious issues with my grow closet :( please im hoping someone can define whats going on here before its too late! ive already had some horrible things go on here. so im using an 135W HLG QB288 V2 paired with a KING PLUS 1000W, not truly...
  3. D

    Dragon's Soil Grow Of AK47 & Pineapple Express Auto 2017

    Hi all! This is my second grow. With the first, I started out with some basic research and initial supplies, but mostly it was a learn as you go endeavor. So now I'm taking what I learned from that one by doing it (and making many mistakes along the way) as well as much research on websites and...
  4. S

    Smokewitme's LED Grow 2nd Grow

    Hey all I'm back with a new grow(not that anyone noticed I was gone lol), this time with leds and more plants. Hoping to get some of you to join me on this journey and help wherever possible because I will definitely need it. Here is the setup (pics coming soon) LEDs(custom built) 360 real...
  5. K

    Afghan Kush Ryder problems

    I have tried 3 times to get a afghan kush Ryder going. All 3 times they never popped the dirt. I'm using fox farms soil. I germinated them in paper towels. Anyone feel the fox farms soil a too hot? Should I get happy frog? I did not use nutes. Thanks anyone
  6. howsjosh

    Howsjosh's First Grow

    So I guess I start off with the setup I have: 3 96x5w mars hydro reflector led lights 1 40"x 40"x 80"(3'4"x 3'4"x 6'8") tent 1 6" inline duct fan and fan speed controller 1 tilt fan I might want to get an oscilating fan also... 2 2 outlet timers 1 Acurite thermometer 1 pair led grow sun...