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  1. D

    600W Mars Hydro Eco 1.5’x3’x4’ Black Indica First Grow

    Hello. I just built my grow box out of an old dresser and put it in my bedroom closet. It is 3 feet wide, 1.5 feet deep, and about 4 feet tall. I have 2, 6 inch 180 cfm inline fans from Home Depot to extract the heat produced by the 600w mars eco led grow light. I cut two 4 inch passive intake...
  2. S

    Redness - Black Spots - Yellowing - Help!

    I have been searching on line and am thinking it might be due to potassium or possible magnesium. About a month ago I noticed black spots on about 3 of the bottom fan leaves, the next day the spots were on about 5-6 fan leaves and I cut them off. When I woke up and checked on her there are...
  3. Stansama

    Stan's First Soil Sour Diesel Grow! 2017

    Hello members and guests! My name is Stan, I'm a new grower and member here and decided it would be fun to document my first grow as I've enjoyed reading other journals. I was born and raised in Maine, and have been using marijuana for about 14 years for recreational and self medicated use to...
  4. P

    Blue Dream - G8 900 LED - FFOF - DIY CO2 - FF Nuts - Overkill 1st Grow

    My first journal and shot at growing in 10 years. Blue Dream is my strain, 4 plants. G8 900 LED 30" from tops (Lux app says ~450). FFOF soil with 20% perlite added. DIY Co2. Basically all the Fox Farm nuts + cal mag, silica blast, and molasses. PH/TDS/EC meters. 5x5x80" tent. Temp is dialed...
  5. L

    Outdoor help with beefing up buds in 2nd wk of flower

    Hello friends can any successful experienced outdoor growers especially in North East help me with suggestions and regiments you may use during flowering... 2nd wk for me so far. Foliar sprays? Nutes? Tips? Ive been using FF lineup but open to others. 1/2tsp of Open Sesame with Vitathrive every...
  6. L

    Foliar spray Help

    Hello friends can any successful experienced foilar spray users help me with suggestions and regiments you may use during flowering... 2nd wk for me so far. Ive been using FF lineup but open to others. 3Indica hydrids 2sativa hybrids -outdoors. Thanks for your help.
  7. Alienjohn

    Soil Mixing Advice Needed

    Guys, My first grow is moving along with a few probs I would like to avoid on my next grow. First, I used MG with time released nutes, didn't work well for me, SO I bought some Fox Farms, some Perlite and Vermiculite to mix up my next soil. Question: Should I mix these with the Fox...
  8. N

    NewGrower's First Time Grow: Big Bang

    :welcome: Hello All and Welcome to My First Grow First off id just like to thank everyone in advance for commenting and helping me thru my first grow venture. :bravo::thumb::thankyou::BH: So what I'm expecting out of this grow journal is just some general advice and guidance as any new...
  9. N

    New! Need help from Pros! Desperate

    Hello :welcome: I am a new grower and I just ordered everything I need (at least i think so) to start. But this is my first grow and I'm very nervous about messing something up. The lighting kit I purchased is 1000 watt Grow Light w/ Switchable Ballast & MH and HPS Bulbs 6" Air Cooled Hood. I...
  10. AllSmiles

    Tale Of 6 Seeds - G8LED Grow By First Timer

    I first want to thank all the forums and posters for all the great knowledge available online contributed and mainly here on 420. I'm a complete newbie to growing and have invested some money on indoor grow based on everything i have read. I tried to do this grow on my own but am at a critical...
  11. H

    White Rhino Germinated Seed

    Hey whats up Brederin?? I dont consider myself a newbie but I do have a couple questions about germinated seeds. I have recently got a few solid seeds and the White Rhino is germinating as we speak. Before I knew I was going to get these seeds I started another seedling. I usually germinate...
  12. WestSideGrow

    Deffany Grow Journal

    Hello all ! This will be my, I guess you could say first grow. Some basic info on my plant. 1. Fox farms Ocean forest soil 2. (2) 13 watt CFL's 3. 1.1 QT pot. 4. water every 5-6 days, or when completely dry. 5. 10 days old AS OF 9/11/12:Love: So this is deffany. She hasn't given...
  13. WestSideGrow

    Waldo Khronix Grow Journal

    Hello 420 members, guys, and gals ! This will be my first grow journal and first ever grow! So please, lay down all the feedback possible ! Here is the info- bag seed(named it Waldo khronix) Pot size- 2 1/2 gallon, plenty of drainage. Soil- fox farms ocean forest. Sprouted...
  14. V

    Sour Diesel #8 Indoor, 2x600W - Soil - FF Nutes

    OK, I am already well into this grow, but its going to be kinda perpetual so might as well go ahead and start a journal. I am growing sour diesel #8's from clones I got from a friend. I built my own grow room with the 2 600w hps on one side and my veg chambers on the other, small footprint...
  15. Panic

    Adjusting High PH levels in soil?

    First of all I know it would be easier if I posted a picture of the plants but can't find my camera and dont' think my phone will do justice...I will keep looking. It's a bagseed CFL Soil grow in day 19 from seed. 50/50 mix of FF Ocean Forest and FF Light Warrior with some earthworm...
  16. G

    GardenGnome's Russian Rocket Fuel Hydro Grow

    Strain:Russian Rocket Fuel Type:Auto flowering indica/sativa hybrid Started: Aug 9, 2010 Indoor: Small Tent(veg), Closet(flowering) Medium: Bubble Bucket/Hydroton Lights: 6 Lamp T8(veg)/400 Watt HPS Schedule: 24/7 Temp: 82F RH: N/A PH In: N/A/Out: N/A Nutrients: Fox Farm Trio...
  17. N

    NobleWeed's AK47 in Soil

    Hello everyone at 420MAGAZINE. I have spent many hours looking at all of your grows and learning as much as possible. Its much better then sitting in class ALL day or being at work. This is my first grow since i got my green card. My good friend gave me some clones of his AK 47 plant that was...
  18. dahcwon

    Sour-Bubba OG Growing under some CFL's:

    :welcome: GROW BOX :joint: 1x2x5 ft. LOCATION :joint: Inside LIGHTS :joint: Five CFL's(Two of them are the Blueish color and three Reddish color bulbs) SOIL :joint: Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix. NUTRIENTS :joint: Fox Farm Grow Big (6-4-4), Big Bloom...
  19. CnstntGrdnr

    CnstntGrdnr's Indica/Sativa White Widow Grow Journal - 2009 - First Grow

    High! I've been following everybody else's grow journals with great envy for the past few months and now I'm FINALLY getting a chance to start my own grow for the first time. After seeing amazing yields and beautiful buds from the White Widow on many grow journals I couldn't pass up an...
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