1. G

    Any advice?

    2 questions if anyone can help... Due to the light being too close to the top of the main colas they have been affected by fox tailing and no trichomes and sun bleached leaves Q.1 The fox tailing seems like its never going to mature turn amber or solidify ..its near week 10 on a 9 week...
  2. beez0404

    Looks like a classic case of over watering - But I believe it is not

    I have been learning to grow since March. One of the most important things I learned early on was don't over water the plants. So with that said I present the plant above. It is a little more then 5 weeks old. Fox Farm Happy Frog with extra perlite. Fox Farm trio for nutes. It was switched...
  3. G

    Help with nutrient schedule!

    Just switched from fox farms full line to canna's terra line. I also have all the canna additives and when using canna nutrient calculator it isint specific on if you feed with every watering or every other water like with fox farm line? I don't plan on feeding fully until flower anyways because...
  4. Ron Strider

    At Phoenix Cannabis Expo, Vicente Fox Talks Marijuana Legalization, Donald Trump

    Former Mexican President Vicente Fox on Saturday made the case for broad-scale marijuana legalization in Arizona, telling a Phoenix crowd the days of failed drug policies were fading, despite rhetoric from President Donald Trump's White House. Speaking to hundreds of entrepreneurs, industry...
  5. M


    Having some issues with newly acquired plants starting to yellow on tips and also getting crunchy on a few leaf tips watered daily with ro and using fox farm ocean forest not sure what's going on any help would be appreciated.
  6. L

    Fox Farms help

    What would be a good mix for fox farms liquids in an Auto-pot system
  7. Ron Strider

    Former Mexican President 'Wants To Be The R.J. Reynolds Of Marijuana'

    Our sources south of the border say to keep an eye on the business interests of former Mexican President Vicente Fox, a vocal President Trump critic. "He wants to be the R.J. Reynolds of marijuana," our spy said. And there seems to be some substance to the rumor. In June, Fox was the...
  8. HortiShorti

    Completed Hortishorti's First Grow - Organic Bagseed 2017

    Hello 420magazine! Welcome to my journal! I'm a complete newb, and I'm several weeks into the grow.. I was resisting the urge to make a journal, but I couldn't keep myself from wanting to learn the techniques that make so many of you so amazing.. I'm already several weeks into this and I...
  9. Ron Strider

    Vicente Fox Says Mexico, Canada Could Eclipse U.S. In Weed Business

    Former Mexican President Vicente Fox put domestic cannabis industry leaders on notice Tuesday at a marijuana business conference in Oakland that his nation and Canada intend to take the lead in the booming market for medical and recreational pot exports. Fox told attendees at the National...
  10. H

    Help 2525

    Hello out there. Hope everyone is doing well. Started a new room all in mylar 5x6 and two 300 watt Viparspectra led lights. one month and leaves are burning and turning yellow. using Fox farm but modestly.PH is ok turned off one led to see what happens. Any suggestions. Thanks
  11. beez0404

    To Fox Farm Ocean Forest or not to Fox Farm Ocean Forest

    Guys I am like a newborn here and would love some advice from experienced gardeners. I am getting ready to try my hand with a couple potted plants on my patio. Right now I am in the "planning" stages, getting my act together. I have been doing much reading but I will never be one of those...
  12. odinsmaster

    Completed Odin's First Photo Run Midnight Kush & Headband

    :Namaste: This will be my first photo run and my first run with fox farm nutes. Strain: G13 midnight kush and humboldt seeds 707 headband both hybrids just dropped seeds indoor soil: fox farm coco loco Pot size: will finish in 7 gallon smart pots lights: veg 400w mh...
  13. 2

    Help my girls are sick

    Dont know where to start im on my second in week 7 of flower and all my main colas seem to be drying out and dying at the tips and i cant figure it out,all the symptoms seem the same to me. Heres a break down of my situation. I use fox farm ocean blend with fox farm nutrients my room...
  14. I

    Adding Nutrients Early In The Process?

    (still waiting for my seeds to germinate...) I am going to grow using Fox Farms soil, and Fox Farms Nutrients. Crop King Seeds tells me to NOT use the nutrients for the first THREE weeks as it will interfere with the germination process. Just want to hear from some people on this...I was...
  15. J

    Soil suggestions - Fox Farms is not available in Canada

    Hey all, I am currently planning out my grow and alot of people here seem to use Fox Farms soil. Sadly here in Canada you cannot find Fox Farms, I found some on Amazon however its gonna run almost $200 to buy and ship it here. What do other Canadians out there use? P.S. - I...
  16. B

    Fox Farms

    Quick question my fellow growers, will I have to use the whole entire line up for the feeding schedule of fox farms or will it be alright just to use the 3 main nutrients? I will be using the fox farm ocean forest or coco coir still undecided yet but right now I am weighin in with the fox farm...
  17. H

    My PH test strips from Precision Labs Inc. Cottonwood AZ

    I tested Jiffy organic seed starting mix- slightly acidic. My tap water-same. My own spit- the same.....Fox Farms potting mix-the same, slightly acidic....Heinz apple cider vinegar-strongly acidic.... To start seeds don't you want a neutral condition?.......Incidentally, this Fox Farms was...
  18. HigherTheHigh

    Is this fox tailing?

    anyone no if this is the start of fox tailing? strain: northen lights light: 600w hps > 18" away from light and lower buds are 20"-24" should i also trim lower big fan leaves to reach middle nugs?
  19. K

    Completed Nirvana Short Ryder

    This is my first grow journal. Going with a freebie from The Single Seed Centre. Using a 3 gallon smart pot using Fox farms ocean/happy frog. 50/50 with some perilite mixed in and topped with some clay pellets. Ph water at 6.0. Growing outdoors during teh day then under a 120 watt 6500k bulb at...
  20. Jackalope

    Fox Farm soil

    I see post from growers using Fox farm soil. Thought I might try it some time. First does Pot do real well in it just as it is and second which one works best. Thanks for any help with this.
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