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  1. S

    really need help on nute to 2 ltr only

    brought a trio pack of foxfarms gro big bloom tiger bloom been emailing foxfarms to see how many ml to 2 liter bottle only but no help at all as I growing with a mars 2 400w so takes a while to dry out the soil I use is suregrow soil (great 100% germination) and led is new to me but got...
  2. Crianza

    Nectar for the Gods Soil Input

    I have been checking out different soils lately as was wondering if anyone has any experience using this soil, either the #4 or #8 mix. It seems to be comparable to FoxFarms Ocean Forest and wondering if its pretty hot as well or not and maybe what the ph is. :thumb:
  3. I

    I need help and advice!

    Teya Teya New Member I have 6 autoflower seeds ( SLH, OG K, SOUR D, JACK H, and two fast % vast autos all from herbies) planted under fox farms ocean forest soil in a 4x4 tent under just the leds of 2 amare 300w lights. Im inserting a basic journal to show what we have been doing daily. Side...
  4. G

    Fox Farms Autoflower

    Wanted to know if its better to use nutes with an autoflower or using only soil to do the grow. I know using nutes can create burns in the plants. Help is appreciated:)
  5. F

    Fopho's 2nd Journal - Cheese Quake - DIY Projects & Various Other Strains

    Strains: Cheese Quake & a few others, but undecided Indica/sativa: 50/50 Which stage: Veg 1 week Lights 2 40w cfls & 300w LED, my other 1000w hps/mh is still being used to finish up my other plants. Soil: 1 bag FoxFarms Ocean Forest, 1 bag FoxFarms Light warrior, 1 bag FoxFarms potting mix(its...
  6. K

    Added FoxFarms nutrients with no success

    So my plants are about three weeks into the grow, one has yet to grow "leaves", but the other looks like it's growing perfectly! The problem is last night I decided to try adding just a tad bit of FoxFarms nutrients (the trio package) and now both plants have simply fallen over. The soil when I...
  7. S

    SoG Questions

    So, i recently ordered a 4'x4' tent with a 600w HPS closed loop air system with its own 400cfm fan and another 400cfm fan for the tent itself. I plan on doing a Sea of Green and have been doing a decent amount of research and still have a few questions for you seasoned SoG growers. Im just going...
  8. Cylent1

    Cylent1's Indoor LED Hawaiian Snow Scrog

    Hello everybody! :welcome: Been a while since I been on 420mag, But I,m back and ready to start a new journal.:blunt: I have recently since my last journal, bought a LED/Tent grow kit, So I'm super stoked to take my little experience and knowledge in growing 420 to the next level. I will be...
  9. WestSideGrow

    BC Grow Journal

    Alright 420, ladies and gents. Welcome to my bc grow journal ! Little Information- Strain: BC Medium: Fox farms (Ocean Forest) Indoor outdoor?: Indoor I had a different grow journal that was going good but ended bad. Pulled the plug on her(RIP). But hey All the more reason to get this one...
  10. F

    FlowerGirl's 4th - Unknown Strains - 2011

    First off just wanted to list a bit of background, primarily for myself. This is my 4th grow, and I have learned a lot in my previous efforts. With each new planting I get better and better results so I decided to treat this as a little science project, and track it properly. Feel free to...
  11. B

    FoxFarm Soil

    I'm not sure if anybody is having the same problem as I have been. Lots of soil Gnats found in all the FoxFarm soil's,Ocean Forest, Light warrior, ETC. and they are hard to get rid of.I have tried the potato method. Go Gnats , drying out the soil. taking off 2 inches of soil and replacing it...
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