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    Call For Legalisation Reignites Cannabis Debate In France

    French politicians across the board on Tuesday slammed a Socialist minister's call to legalise marijuana, re-igniting the debate in a country where cannabis use is common. A day after minister for parliamentary relations Jean-Marie Le Guen said prohibition had not caused drug use to fall, his...
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    Expat In France And First Time Grower Saying Howdi!

    Hello everyone, Ive been lurking around the site for a few months and wanted to say hello! I've been reading non stop and soaking up loads of good info. Im just starting some Medicann Blue Bloods, Pineapple Express Auto and a free seed I got from Herbies, its a Northern Lights x Big...
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    Digital's First Grow - Blue Blood & Company - Coco - 2015

    Hi everyone, this is my First Cannabis Grow, Im an Expat living in France and Ive been growing hydro Veggies for a couple of years. Im using the Tips I got from @LEDRF's tutorial on how to grow in Coco ... Wish me luck, Im open to all ideas and feedback, I'm sure Ill need it :) heres the...
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