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  1. N

    Where To Buy Seeds In The USA With Fast Shipping? NukeHeads!

    **** I AM A PAID SPONSOR **** Where to buy seeds in the USA without being paranoid about the POPO or legal issues. Stealth at it's best ! From: Jesse James Fastest Seed shippers in USA: www.NukeHeads.com Hey guys just wanted to tell you I got my seeds two days after placing an order...
  2. Sir Budlovski

    BF & GF First Outdoor Grow - Bag Seed - 23 Ounces - Pounder - Aussie Aussie Aussie

    hello again everyone this is only really half a journal because its already finished im just gunna upload some pics to share some of the joy i've had in my small amount of time growing. As the title says my gf and i bothed raised this one up and was both our first outdoor goes. i Cant say the...
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